Where can I go to learn BMX at Cyclopark?

Learn BMX skills and ride our National Standard BMX track. A chance to try something new and get fit. Club Cyclopark is a cycling club based here at the Cyclopark. The club’s mission is to promote all disciplines of cycling and to help their members ride to the very best of their ability. Saturday morning coaching takes place 10am-12 noon.

Who are the best BMX track builders in the world?

Our BMX track building projects range from small primary school pump tracks right through to international standard BMX Supercross tracks such as London 2012 Olympic track or the UCI SX circuit in Switzerland. Clark & Kent can act as BMX track consultants, designers, and builders. C&K is your one-stop shop for all BMX track building work.

How big is the Cyclopark road circuit track?

The Road Circuit offers a smooth tarmac circuit; 2.9 kilometres long and 6 metres wide. Throughout the year the track is used for a wide range of activities/events including: The circuit can be separated into a number of smaller circuits so whatever the activity or ability, everybody can perfect their skills.

Where was the BMX track built in Glasgow?

Following the success of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, legacy funds were allocated for the design and construction of an international standard BMX track near Glasgow. Clark & Kent Contractors were selected by North Lanarkshire Council to undertake the design and build of a new state-of-the-art facility at Broadwood Stadium, Cumbernauld.

How to meet the Brits in Crete Forum?

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How big is the race track at Cyclopark?

Cyclopark is home to a fantastic 330 metre national standard race track. We have a range of top level coaches and local clubs on offer, bringing you a first class experience and a range of sessions to suit all abilities.

Is the Cyclopark game going to be closed?

Following the governments announcement, it is with great sadness that we must announce that Cyclopark will be closed until further notice. Our team are working tirelessly to gather as much information as possible to answer all of your questions, please keep checking our website for updates.

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