What was on Vietnam dog tags?

Each dog tag represents a person in the Vietnam War and is arranged in date order of death. And, each dog tag shows their name, casualty date, and military branch. Above and Beyond is the only memorial other than The Wall in Washington, D.C. to list all those killed in action during the Vietnam War.

What are military dog tags supposed to say?

Today’s identification tags identify vital information about the wearer: name, Social Security number, blood type and religious preference. “No Religious Preference” and “None” were eventually added; today many faith groups and broad denominations are available, reflecting the diversity of the armed forces.

What is usually written on dog tags?

Today, dog tags issued by the US military include the service member’s Name, Branch of Service (all except Army), Serial Number (often Social Security Number, or DoD ID Number), Blood Type, and Religious Preference (if any). This information is the most essential information needed on the battlefield.

Did Vietnam soldiers have dog tags?

It was during World War II the nickname “dog tags” was adopted, but it’s likely the nickname dates back as far as Thomas Jefferson. Then later, during the Vietnam War (1955-1975), military service members began to place one custom dog tag in their boot, tied in with their bootlaces.

What does a dog tag symbolize?

The main purpose of the military dog tags is to identify soldiers that are wounded or killed while they are in action. A common military dog tag contains the details of the soldier like first name, last name and the soldier’s military ID number so that it can act as an identity token for the soldiers.

How many dog tags are on the Vietnam War Memorial?

The Vietnam War Memorial: 58,307 hanging dog tags created by Veterans Above and Beyond comprises 58,307 dog tags. Each dog tag represents a person in the Vietnam War and is arranged in date order of death.

Where are the Vietnam dog tags in Chicago?

Vietnam Veterans Dog Tag Memorial in Chicago. At the Harold Washington Library in Chicago is a new art installation called “Above and Beyond” featuring over 58,000 replica dog tags — one for each American soldier killed in the Vietnam War.

How much is a Vietnam War dog tag on Amazon?

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Where is the notch on Vietnam War dog tags?

Vietnam Era USMC Dog Tags usually did not have the Notch, but it can be changed on the next page. The hole could be either on the right or left 50/50 depending on which base made it. Blood type Rh factor was usually not included.

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