What is difference between FOB and FCA?

FCA considers goods delivered once seller places goods on transport arranged by buyer. FOB considers goods delivered once seller places goods on board specified vessel. Arrangements for transport, transport costs, and insurance costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

What is FCA in export?

Free Carrier means that the seller delivers the goods to the carrier or another person, i.e., the buyer at the seller’s premises or another named place.

What is the difference between FCA and CIF?

An international sale made with FCA INCOTERM favors the seller because the seller has to only deliver the goods to a designated location, determined by the buyer. Whereas in CIF INCOTERM, the seller is obligated to arrange for the contract of carriage up to the buyer’s designated port.

What does FOB FCA mean?

Free Carrier
FOB. FCA-Free Carrier-(named place) “Free Carrier” means that the seller fulfils his obligation to deliver when he has handed over the goods, cleared for export, into the charge of the carrier named by the buyer at the named place or point.

What FCA means?

Under the shipping terms for the FCA Incoterms (short for “Free Carrier”), the seller is responsible for export clearance and delivery of goods to the carrier at the named place of delivery. Buyer must clearly specify the precise point of delivery in the contract of sales or carriage.

What is difference between EXW and FCA?

In terms of delivery Ex-works, the seller delivers goods to the buyer at his (seller’s) premises. In an FCA terms of delivery, normally seller’s assistance is required by the buyer to deliver goods at contracted place at buyer’s costs and risks.

What does FCA stand for?


Acronym Definition
FCA Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Italy and US)
FCA Formal Concept Analysis
FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes

What is the full meaning of FCA?

Acronym. Definition. FCA. Financial Conduct Authority (UK) FCA.

What does FCA stand for in shipping?

FCA stands for “free carrier.”. It used in the delivery of goods on truck, rail car or container at the specified point (depot) of departure, which is usually the …seller’s premises, or a named railroad station or a named cargo terminal or into the custody of the carrier, at seller’s expense.

FCA stands for Free Carrier (shipping) Suggest new definition. This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Business, finance, etc.

What does free carrier (FCA) mean in shipping?

Free Carrier – FCA. Free carrier is a trade term where the seller is responsible for the delivery of goods to a specific destination . Typically, the destination is a named airport, terminal or other place where the carrier operates. The seller includes transportation costs in its price, and the seller assumes the risk…

What is FCA terms of delivery?

In FCA terms of delivery, the export cleared goods are delivered by the seller to the carrier at the said named and defined location mentioned in the contract. From that point of location, the expense up to buyers premises is paid by the buyer.

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