What are the Christian names and their meaning?

Christian Baby Names • Biblical Names with Meanings

Name Gender Meaning
Aariel Girl A lion of god
Aarielle Girl A lion of god
Aaron Boy In Hebrew, it means ‘exalted’, ‘enlightenment’ , high mountain’.
Aaronn Boy One who is exalted ; from the mountain of strength

What is a good Christian name?

Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived….Top 25 Christian Baby Boy Names.

Sr. No. Christian Baby Boy Names Suggested Meaning
1 Adrian Blessed with immense strength
2 Gerard Strong and brave-hearted
3 Nathan A gift from God
4 Zacharias Favoured by God

What does the Bible say about the names of God?

THE NAMES OF GOD NAME MEANING PASSAGES APPLICATION El The Strong One Ex 15:2; Num 23:22; Deut 7:9 More powerful than any god. Will overcome all obstacles. Can depend on God Elohim Creator Gen 1:1-3; Deut 10:17; Psa 68 God is the All Powerful creator of the universe. God knows all.

What are the names of the children of God?

The first child was named Jezreel(God Sows). The second child was Lo- Ruhamah(no more compassion), and the third child was named Lo-Ammi(not my people). When you read the book of Hosea, you will see that the names of the children were full of meaning concerning God’s judgment upon His people.

What are the names of all the people in the Bible?

Often a Hebrew name refers to both a place and a person. In such cases, you will find the same name in “All the People of the Bible.” Different names were used to refer to certain sites in different periods of history (e.g., Accho and Ptolemais).

How are the places named in the Bible?

ALL THE PLACES OF THE BIBLE This article identifies all of the places named in the Bible, excluding the deuterocanonical books. The place names are arranged alphabetically as they appear in the King James Version, with variant spellings enclosed in brackets [ ]. The suggested meaning of the names is then given in parentheses ( ).

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