Is Las Fallas 2021 Cancelled?

Fallas were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The 2021 Fallas were postponed from from March and will be celebrated from 1 to 5 September 2021 instead. Read our latest news here for more information.

What happens during La Mascleta?

At 2pm sharp each day, one can gather alongside throngs of over onlookers and party-goers in the main square, Plaza del Ayuntamiento, to enjoy the energetic sound of the petardos, the lighting of hundreds of firecrackers in all of their cadenced rhythm and glory.

What is celebrated on Las Fallas de Valencia?

Las Fallas de Valencia is an annual celebration of the coming of spring, celebrated by burning artistic monuments in the tradition of ancient Valencian carpenters. The festival also includes street parties, parades, and ornate 18th Century costumes.

What happens to Las Fallas at the end of the festival?

La Cremà (the burning) is the climax of the whole festival, when the fallas are set on fire. Then towards midnight, the main fallas are burnt, with the ones in the city centre getting burnt later.

How long does Las Fallas de Valencia last?

five days
The festival lasts five days, from March 15 to 19, but the atmosphere starts to build weeks before: starting on March 1 (and continuing through March 19), a thunderous firecracker show called a mascletà is held every day at 2 p.m. in Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

What happens on the first day of Las Fallas?

A Day at the Fallas Each day begins with a startling wake-up call known as ‘La Despertà’ at the ridiculous time (in Spain) of 8am. Neighbourhoods will have their own ‘falla infantile’ for the children at about 10pm and then, at around midnight, the neighbourhood ‘fallas’ will begin.

When to watch the Fallas festival in Valencia?

The name of the act come from “masclet”, the type of fireworks that explode with a loud noise when the Fallera Mayor declares “Senyor pirótecnic pot començar la mascletà” (“Mr. Pyrotechnic, the mascletà can start now”). To watch this spectacle of sound you should head to Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 2pm, any day from the 1st to the 19th March.

Is the mascleta a tradition in Valencia, Spain?

If you want to get to know the energy of the Valencian people and region, the Fallas tradition of the Mascleta is a must-see, along with all of the Fallas Festival of course. The vibe of excitement and celebration among all the people is contagious.

When does the mascleta festival start and end?

The famous “Fallas” is the town’s most awaited annual festival, during which the raucous Mascletá celebration happens every day from the beginning of March until the end of the festivals on the 19th of the month.

Where does the Fallas and the mascleta come from?

The Origin of Fallas and the Mascleta The Fallas are the festival in Valencia that takes place each year to celebrate the spring equinox and represents getting rid of the old and welcoming in the new.

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