How old is Paolo Di Canio?

53 years (July 9, 1968)
Paolo Di Canio/Age

What number was Di Canio?

Paolo Di Canio

Season club
92/93 Juventus FC 14
92/93 Juventus FC 15
92/93 Juventus FC 16
91/92 Juventus FC 15

Is Paolo Di Canio married?

Elisabetta Di Canio
Paolo Di Canio/Spouse

Did Harry Redknapp manage Jamie?

Jamie Frank Redknapp (born 25 June 1973) is an English former professional footballer who was active from 1989 until 2005. Redknapp comes from a well-known footballing family. His father is the football manager Harry Redknapp.

When did Paolo Di Canio become manager of Sunderland?

In 2011, Di Canio entered football management in England with Swindon Town, guiding them in his first full season as manager to promotion to League One. He was appointed as the Sunderland manager at the end of March 2013.

What kind of football did Paolo Di Canio play?

Paolo Di Canio (born 9 July 1968) is an Italian football manager and former professional footballer. During his playing career he made over 500 league appearances and scored over one hundred goals appearing primarily as a deep-lying forward but could also play as an attacking midfielder, or as a winger.

When did Paolo Di Canio move to Sheffield Wednesday?

He then refused to join the Celtic squad in the Netherlands for their pre-season training during July 1997. On 6 August 1997, Di Canio moved to the English Premiership as he joined Sheffield Wednesday in a transfer deal valued at around £4.2 million.

When did Paolo Di Canio apply for Celtic job?

Di Canio was linked with the Celtic job in May 2014, and applied for vacant managerial positions at Bolton Wanderers in October 2014,, and Rotherham United in September 2015 and again in February 2016.

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