Which airport is closer to the city in Bangkok?

Don Mueang International Airport is the closest airport to the city centre, in Bangkok. It is 26 kilometres from central Bangkok where all the top attractions are located.

What floor is arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport?

After arrival on the 2nd floor, please proceed to the 3rd floor and pass through the security check. And please go to the gate for your transit flight after completing check-in at the transit counter for international flights.

How many airports are there in Bangkok?

Bangkok has two airports – Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Don Mueang Airport (DMK).

How far is Suvarnabhumi Airport from Bangkok city center?

31.5 km
There are three different options to travel the 31.5 km distance between Suvarnabhumi (BKK) Airport and Bangkok’s city centre; you can either take a taxi, a bus or a train. Taking a Bangkok airport taxi is the most convenient option as it offers a 24/7 door-to-door service.

Are BKK and DMK the same airport?

Bangkok has two airports – Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Don Mueang Airport (DMK). Traveling between them can be done in several ways but the cheapest way is taking a free shuttle bus service BKK to DMK / DMK to BKK. There is a storage area for luggage inside the bus so there is no problem with having a big luggage.

How many terminals does Suvarnabhumi Airport have?

There are three in total: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 handle the international flights, while the third is just for domestic flights. Unlike some airports, these terminals are close to each other with the two international terminals side by side. The domestic terminal is just 500m away from Terminal 2.

What terminal is Bangkok Airways in Bangkok?

Passenger Terminal
Bangkok Airways check-in counters are located in ROW F, Passenger Terminal, level 4, opposite entrance door number 3. The ticketing office is located in passenger terminal, level 6.

Which place is known as Suvarnabhumi?

Suvarnabhumi, which means “The Land of Gold”, is an ancient term for Southeast Asia, found in early Buddhist and Hindu literature. There were also legends, religious accounts, and foreign traders’ written accounts dating to the first millennium AD that mentioned the name “Suvarnabhumi”.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Bangkok?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is June.

How far is the Bangkok airport from the city?

Bangkok’s International Airport is about 19 miles from central Bangkok. With the new airport rail link plus a slew of other transport options, it’s quick and easy to get from the airport into the city even if you are traveling during rush hour.

What is Bangkok’s major airport called?

Suvarnabhumi Airport , the city’s main international airport, referred to as New Bangkok International Airport during its construction Don Mueang International Airport, officially known as Bangkok International Airport until 2006

What is the closest airport to Bangkok Thailand?

Nearest Airport to Bangkok, Thailand. Closest airport to Bangkok is Don Mueang International Airport (DMK). Distance from Don Mueang International Airport to Bangkok is 13.1 miles / 21.0 kilometers. Don Mueang International Airport (13.1 miles / 21.0 kilometers)

Which Bangkok airport to fly out of?

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main international airport also serving Bangkok. The airport is not close to the city centre but it is connected other part of Bangkok by taxi, train, bus, shuttles and car hire services. The airport is served by major airlines and handles both domestic and international flights.

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