What does 78A mean on rollerblade wheels?

78A (Multi-Surface) – Wheels with this rating are considered “multi-surface” because they provide enough hardness for use on (sealed) cement and wood surfaces. 78As provide enough grip on smooth indoor surfaces, especially for heavier players in the 190 to 250-lb range.

Are 78A wheels good for outdoor skating?

If you are outdoors, go with a wheel in the 78A category. Also considered soft wheels, these wheels are often considered a hybrid wheel that can be used either indoors or outdoors. These wheels are good for a beginner (even if you only skate indoors) as they give you more grip and control.

Are Bigger wheels better on inline skates?

A larger wheel will roll faster and longer but will also need more power for each push, and will offer less maneuverability. Skaters who choose an inline skate with a 100mm or higher wheel size will be the skaters doing intense training, skating marathons, or simply skaters into distance skating when they skate.

What is the hardest rollerblade wheel?

The hardness scale runs from 0 to 100, with 0 being the softest rating and 100 being the hardest. While the rating scale is from 0 to 100, it is not likely you will find a wheel that has a rating softer than 68A. A wheel softer than this is likely to wear down too fast, regardless of its use.

Can you skate outside with indoor wheels?

You can buy roller skates specifically for indoor or outdoor skating, but many skaters just switch the wheels out and use them for both. Indoor skate wheels are harder (and often narrower) than outdoor skate wheels, allowing you to glide over the hard, smooth surface of the skating rink.

Are 80mm wheels fast?

Bigger wheels between 80mm to 110mm are faster and roll longer. For the cons, they are heavy to push, require more power, offer less maneuverability, and a hell of a mechanism to turn or stop.

How long do inline skate wheels last?

So, overall, wheels could last a year or more, 6 months, or get worn down after 30 hours of skating.

Can you change wheel size on rollerblades?

Wheel Size The size of your wheels will determine the speed, agility, comfort and stability of the skates. Most frames require the use of a specific wheel size but some allow for you to increase the wheel size if you are up for more speed and a more challenging workout.

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