What Chevy has a 292 engine?

Early 292s GM produced the 292 from 1963 through 1990 only for trucks. During the 1970s, GM equipped its truck-based Chevy Blazer sport utility vehicle with the 292. Early versions generated considerably more horsepower and torque than later 292s.

How do I identify a 292?

You should be able to identify the big vs. small block by how big the pushrod covers are on the side. If they are smaller than 5″ then its a 250 or smaller and if its bigger then its a 292. If it has an intregal head intake and exhaust then its an 80’s model.

How much does a Chevy 292 weigh?

ENGINE Weight References
Chevy L6 292
Chevy L6 216/235 630 (2)
Chevy V6-90 229, 4.3 425

How do you tell the difference between a Chevy 216 and 235?

The first 235 was used in large 1941-1949 trucks. It looked just like a 216 but had the larger bore and longer stroke. The block was slightly taller and had the larger bore. The crankshaft was different so as to increase the stroke.

Is the Ford 4.9 a good engine?

They are as reliable as any engine ever built. They may even be the most reliable ever built.

What kind of oil pan does a Chevy 292 have?

Chevy 292 oil pan (used) that means it has light dents. Plus it may have some oil grime on it too. This a picture of one…but the one I send will be different.

When did the 6 cylinder Chevy engine come out?

There have been plenty of inline 6 cylinder Chevrolet motors manufactured since being introduced in 1929. Becoming Chevy’s main engine from 1929 (when it introduced, thus replacing their first 4 cylinder motor, the 171 cubic inch four), through 1954.

Where can I buy a used Chevy engine?

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