Where is the New York Yankees stadium located?

Yankee Stadium
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Do the Yankees still play in the Bronx?

M-E Engineers, Inc. Yankee Stadium is a baseball park located in Concourse, Bronx, New York City….Comparison with the 1923 Stadium.

Characteristic Old Stadium [as of 2008] New Stadium
Opening Day April 18, 1923 April 16, 2009
Capacity 56,886 50,287

Why did they replace Yankee Stadium?

While many fans and traditionalists preferred the Yankees to remain at Yankee Stadium, the team wanted a new ballpark built in order to generate additional revenue and to offer fans more amenities and luxuries.

Is it safe to walk around Yankee Stadium?

The area is really safe on any game day. Outside of that, you have no business being there at night. Not because you’re guaranteed to find danger, but because there is no reason to be there on non game days.

Is Bronx safe for tourists?

Is the Bronx dangerous for tourists? The Bronx is actually quite safe, though there are, as with any county, areas that are less safe. The Bronx has a lower murder rate than Boston and is substantially safer than Philadelphia.

How early should I arrive at Yankee Stadium?

Gates open at 11 AM. If you want to walk around and see the stadium, Monument Park and Museum, early is best. over a year ago. It is suggested to be there 1-2 hours in advance.

Is Yankee Stadium located in the South Bronx?

Yankee Stadium was a stadium located in the South Bronx in New York City. It was the home ballpark of the New York Yankees. In 2006, the Yankees began building a new stadium in public parkland adjacent to the stadium. The original 1923 facility was demolished in 2010.

Yankee Stadium is a baseball park located in Concourse, Bronx, New York City. It is the home field for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB), and New York City FC of Major League Soccer (MLS). The $2.3 billion stadium, built with $1.2 billion in public subsidies, replaced the original Yankee Stadium in 2009.

What is the capacity of the New York Yankees Stadium?

What is the New Yankee Stadium Seating Capacity? The official capacity at the new Yankee Stadium is 50,291. When you compare it to the old stadium, you lose around seven thousand seats. One main differences of the new and old stadium is the new stadium has extra legroom ranging between 33 and 39 inches compared to 29.5 inches at the old stadium.

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