Where is Burris Logistics located?

MILFORD, DELAWARE — Burris Logistics, a provider of public refrigerated warehousing and freight consolidation services, announced today that it has successfully completed the purchase of a 55-acre property at 350 King Mill Road in McDonough, Georgia (Just 33 miles south of downtown Atlanta).

How many trucks does Burris Logistics have?

Burris Logistics operates a fleet of about 250 tractors and 450 trailers, company officials said.

What does burris Logistics do?

Today, Burris Logistics, through end-to-end supply chain solutions, specializes in the precision handling of multiple categories of food goods and related items at virtually all temperatures and points along the supply chain.

Is Burris Logistics a good company to work for?

Very productive and great company to work.

Where is the Burris logistics headquarters in Milford?

Turbocharge Your Supply Chain With Burris. Burris Logistics Headquarters. Burris Logistics. 501 SE 5th Street. Milford, DE 19963. Directions.

How many truckloads does Burris logistics have?

Burris Logistics, based in Milford, DE, is a leader in providing high quality, customized supply chain solutions with an emphasis on frozen and refrigerated products. Burris Logistics has 2,000 team members, 16 distribution centers, a fleet of 200 trucks, 450 trailers, brokers 350,000 truck loads per year, and has annual sales of $4 Billion.

When did Donnie Burris become CEO of Burris logistics?

Donnie Burris became the CEO of Burris Logistics in 2010. He is a 5th generation Burris family member and has worked in the business for over 25 years. Prior to serving as CEO, Donnie held various management roles within the company and spent several years working in operations.

Who are warehouse incentive selectors at Burris logistics?

Warehouse Incentive Selectors assist in bringing food from boxes to shelves and tables. One type of hero in our distribution centers (DC’s) are Warehouse Incentive Selectors. These heroes do not wear capes (well, maybe sometimes), but… At Burris Logistics, we pride ourselves on living by our core values.

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