What is the third party quizlet?

third party. A political party organized in opposition to the major parties in a two-party system. common role of third parties. vent anger against political status quo, introduce ideas that eventually get adopted by major parties, play the role of spoiler and split vote in elections.

What is a third party easy definition?

1 : a person other than the principals a third party to a divorce proceeding insurance against injury to third parties. 2a : a major political party operating over a limited period of time in addition to two other major parties in a nation or state normally characterized by a two-party system. b : minor party.

Which is an example of a third party quizlet?

There are a number of different types of third party in the USA: 1) national (such as the Reform Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party or the Natural Law Party), regional (such as George Wallace’s American Independent Party) or state (such as the New York Conservative Party).

What is a third party candidate quizlet?

3rd party candidate. candidate running that does not fall under two primary parties.

What is the purpose of a third party?

Because of the difficulties third parties face in gaining any representation, third parties tend to exist to promote a specific issue or personality. Often, the intent is to force national public attention on such an issue.

Why are third parties important in a political system quizlet?

Third parties also serve an important role in our political system by forcing major political parties to address new issues they might not have previously addressed very much. And third party candidates can also greatly impact an election by taking away votes from one of the major political party candidates.

What is the best definition of third parties?

third party. noun. a person who is involved by chance or only incidentally in a legal proceeding, agreement, or other transaction, esp one against whom a defendant claims indemnity. adjective.

How can a third party affect an election?

Although third- party candidates rarely actually win elections, they can have an effect on them. Third-party candidates at the top of the ticket can help to draw attention to other party candidates down the ballot, helping them to win local or state office.

How can 3rd party candidates influence elections quizlet?

Third party candidates split the vote with the major party candidate they are most similar to, giving both of them lower vote totals and make it more likely the other major party candidate (who is most different from the third party candidate) will win.

What does third party access mean?

United States. The third-party access right (‘TPA’) in the energy market context is the idea that in certain circumstances economically independent undertakings operating in the energy sector should have a legally enforceable right to access and use various energy network facilities owned by other companies.

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When does a third party have legal rights?

Under certain circumstances, the third party has legal rights to enforce the contract or share in its proceeds. For example, if they can prove that they were an intended beneficiary and not an incidental beneficiary.

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Which is an example of a third party beneficiary?

The rights of the third-party beneficiary are strengthened if the contract includes a third-party beneficiary clause. The clearest example of a third-party beneficiary is found in life insurance contracts. An individual enters into a contract with an insurance company that requires the payment of death benefits to a third party.

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