Is the Savage Axis 30-06 A good rifle?

The Savage Axis rifle is accurate, reliable, smooth in operation, and offers good performance at a fair price. The . 30-06 cartridge offers enough power for anything on the North American continent. This is a great combination.

Is the Ruger American rifle any good?

Ruger’s American Rifle caught the attention of many shooters. Here was a nicely built rifle capable of excellent out-of-the-box accuracy at an economical price. There is a lot to like about the action, but the factory plastic stock left a bit to be desired as a precision rig as opposed to a hunting rifle.

What’s the difference in Savage axis and axis 2?

Savage Axis II XP Hardwood Bolt-Action Rifle. The Savage® Axis II XP hardwood rifle also has a zero tolerance headspace, which is the distance between the chamber and the face of the bolt. Finally, the primary difference between Axis XP and Axis II XP is the Savage® AccuTrigger™ system.

What kind of rifle is the Savage axis?

I got an older plain Axis in 25-06, but I don’t mind the trigger after shooting M4’s most of my adult life. The trigger is adjustable with a spring change. I shoot Federal Fusions out of both rifles and they shoot wonderfully. My Ruger I got as a package in 30-06 and it shoots very well.

Which is better the savage or the Ruger?

The ruger and the model 10/11 are much closer in price point. in which case I take the Savage, but not for any real mechanical reason more of a fit feel thing . Unless you are talking Axis XP II which is the same price point as the ruger. Which I don’t own one.

Which is better the axis or the Ruger American?

IMO the ruger American is a better gun mainly because the adjustable trigger and defiantly a better trigger then the axis IMO. I bought a ruger American predator in 22-250 and it was pretty accurate out of the box with a vortex crossfire 4-12×44 I put on it plus the threaded barrel is a nice feature incase you ever want to go suppressed

Which is better the Savage axis or the Remington 783?

Almost as well known as the Savage Axis, there can be no mistake: The Remington 783 is Remington’s answer to the Savage Axis. So it should come as no surprise that it bears an uncanny resemblance to the Axis. Remington and Savage have been chief competitors for years.

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