How does WCCP load balancing?

To load balance traffic across multiple NCE modules, assignment methods are defined in each service group. WCCP v2. 0 protocol allows either hash or mask as the assignment method.

How do I know if WCCP is working?

You can use the show wccp WAAS commands that are available from the WAE CLI to verify that WCCP is configured and operating properly. You can use the show wccp services command to display which WCCP services are configured. The show wccp status command displays the enabled state of WCCP and the configured service IDs.

What is WCCP used for?

WCCP. A Cisco-developed content-routing protocol that provides a mechanism to redirect traffic flows in real-time. It has built-in load balancing, scaling, fault tolerance, and service-assurance (failsafe) mechanisms.

What is WCCP bypass?

Bypassed requests are unchanged by the ARM; they retain their client source IP address. With WCCP v2, you can exclude certain router interfaces from redirection. This causes the router to exclude traffic inbound on the specified interface from all redirection rules.

How do I configure WCCP?

Understanding the configuration of WCCP

  1. Step1: Configure WCCP Version 2.
  2. Step2: Specify the IP Address of WSA in an ACL.
  3. Step3: Specify which traffic needs to be redirected to WSA using an ACL.
  4. Step4: Configure WCCP Service IP and combine all the parameters.
  5. Step5: Apply WCCP on the interface of the Router.

How does policy based routing work?

Policy-Based Routing. Policy-based routing (PBR) is a process whereby the device puts packets through a route map before routing them. A packet arriving on the specified interface is subject to policy-based routing except when its destination IP address is the same as the IP address of the device’s interface.

What is Cisco IP Wccp?

The Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) is a Cisco-developed content-routing technology that intercepts IP packets and redirects those packets to a destination other than that specified in the IP packet.

What is Wccp in FortiGate?

The Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) can be used to provide web caching with load balancing and fault tolerance. If the client is a FortiGate unit, you can configure the port numbers and protocol number of the sessions to be cached.

What is the difference between route based and policy based VPN?

Policy-based VPNs encrypt and encapsulate a subset of traffic flowing through an interface according to a defined policy (an access list). A route based VPN creates a virtual IPSec interface, and whatever traffic hits that interface is encrypted and decrypted according to the phase 1 and phase 2 IPSec settings.

How do I check my PBR routing?

ip local policy route-map command. Verification Command: ->To test the policy, issue show route-map command on router. You will able to determine whether packets are being policy routed.

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