Can you still get Reductil?

Unfortunately Reductil is no longer licensed so it cannot be prescribed. Reductil worked by blocking the re-uptake of certain neurotransmitters which influence satiety during and after eating. This meant that patients being treated with Reductil felt satisfied with less food therefore ate less than normal.

Is Reductil banned?

The popular weightloss pill Reductil (made by Abbott Laboratories and also called sibutramine) has been banned in Europe and is under review here in Australia following new evidence that it may increase the risk of heart attack in people with cardiovascular disease.

Is Reductil safe to take?

What should patients do if they are currently taking Reductil? Patients should stop taking Reductil and talk to their doctor about alternative weight loss measures and maintenance programmes. There are no known adverse effects of stopping sibutramine. Patients should return unused Reductil to their pharmacist.

How do you take Reductil?

A doctor will usually prescribe one 10 mg tablet of Reductil each day, which can be taken with or without food. The doctor will also prescribe a calorie- and fat-controlled diet and exercise. Reductil is not effective in reducing weight without also reducing calorie intake and increasing physical activity.

Why is Reductil banned?

One of the country’s most commonly prescribed anti-obesity drugs has been banned across Europe after it was blamed for increasing patients’ chances of suffering a heart attack or a stroke.

Is Reductil banned in Australia?

Following discussions with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Abbott Australasia will cease supply of sibutramine (Reductil) in Australia from 9 October 2010. Sibutramine, marketed in Australia as Reductil, is a prescription medicine indicated for weight loss.

What is the healthiest appetite suppressant?

Here are the top 10 natural appetite suppressants that can help you lose weight.

  1. Fenugreek. Fenugreek is an herb from the legume family.
  2. Glucomannan.
  3. Gymnema sylvestre.
  4. Griffonia simplicifolia (5-HTP)
  5. Caralluma fimbriata.
  6. Green tea extract.
  7. Conjugated linoleic acid.
  8. Garcinia cambogia.

Is Meridia still available?

The diet drug Meridia is being withdrawn from the market because it can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Abbott Laboratories, the drug’s manufacturer, said on Friday that it was taking the action voluntarily but under pressure from the Food and Drug Administration.

Is Reductil available in Australia?

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