Can you eat Warsaw grouper?

The size of the grouper is a big part of why the fishing company and the seafood store decided to donate the meat. Warsaw grouper taste like any other grouper, Castellano said, but anglers rarely want to catch them. They’re strong and they pull incredibly hard, he said.

What size grouper can you keep in Florida?

There is no size limit, but state and federal waters have different bag limits and seasons. If you are in state waters you can harvest throughout the year, but each person can only harvest one per day. While federal waters has a season from May 1 until August 31 and there is a bag limit of one per vessel per day.

Are Warsaw grouper legal to catch?

Warsaw grouper is managed under an individual fishing quota (IFQ) program. Anyone commercially fishing for warsaw grouper must possess allocation and follow established protocols.

Do Warsaw Grouper have worms?

Warsaw Groupers are the second largest in the grouper family coming in behind the Goliath Grouper. The smaller Warsaw Grouper is considered a good tasting fish. the larger ones may carry worms and possibly Ciguatera poisoning.

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How do you make a grouper hook leader?

Start your leader production by cutting the desired length of line for the hook leader. Crimp your hook to one end and a swivel to the other. Next cut a 12-inch piece of line and crimp a swivel to one end. Slide your weight onto the line, and then attach the opposite end to the swivel on the long leader.

How big does a grouper rig need to be?

My grouper rig is simple; it consists of a 6 to an 8-foot long leader of 300-pound-test monofilament with a 9/0 to 11/0 circle hook. Above that, I have a 4- to 8-ounce slip sinker on a 12-inch leader of 300-pound monofilament.

Why do grouper run back to their hole?

Grouper are notorious for shattering an angler’s hopes of a fresh grouper dinner. Often, bait must be presented very close to the reefs grouper inhabit, and the reef is where they run the second they eat your bait. If they get back in their hole, it’s often game over!

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