Who Makes the Best western belts?

Belts By Brand

  • Ariat.
  • Lucchese.
  • Jack Daniels.
  • Justin.
  • Nocona.
  • Roper.
  • Tony Lama.

What is the most expensive belt buckle?

Calibre R822
Swiss designer Roland Iten, dedicated to creating mechanically performing pieces for the true gentleman, has come up with the world’s most expensive belt buckle – the full-pavé Calibre R822 “Predator” mechanical piece.

Can I wear a western belt buckle?

The Results of Wearing a Belt Buckle Almost all types of belt buckles can be used on your belt. This includes personalized buckles, Western buckles, cowboy buckles, letter buckles, plate buckles, classic buckles, and sports buckles.

How wide are western belts?

An average size for western belts is 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches in width.

What is an expensive belt?

#1 Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt by Gucci – $ 250,000 Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt is the most expensive belt in the world. With 30 carats of diamonds and 30 carats of gold, Republica Fashion is with good reason the most expensive and luxurious belt in the world.

What’s the point of a belt buckle?

Of course the practical purpose of the belt buckle is to keep your belt closed, but it also can tell a story. Belt buckles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, designs, and are unique from one to the other.

Where can I buy a western belt buckle?

Shop the selection of classic western belt buckles from Montana Silversmiths to find a variety of silver and gold engraved cowboy belt buckles. No cowboy’s outfit is complete without an authentic Western belt buckle to complete the ensemble. These functional accessories fulfill several different purposes.

What do the buckles on Cowboy belts look like?

Other buckles feature depictions of the rodeo or various cowboy scenes that will take you back to your Western roots. Other engraved silver buckles feature golden depictions of ceremonial buffalo skulls and portraits of horses.

What kind of buckles are at Pinto Ranch?

Pinto Ranch is proud to offer sterling silver belt buckles, buckle sets, trophy buckles and single buckle options from the finest silversmiths and engravers in the country. You will find contemporary designs alongside Western belt buckles that fit right into any wardrobe.

What kind of buckles do bull riders wear?

Other designs include the logos for Professional Bull Riding and National Finals Rodeo. In addition to these distinctive designs, our classic belt buckles feature silver and gold plating to help increase both their beauty and their value.

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