What was the Family Planning Act 1967?

The 1967 Family Planning Act made contraception readily available through the NHS by enabling local health authorities to provide advice to a much wider population. Previously, these services were limited to women whose health was put at risk by pregnancy.

What age can you go on the pill without parental consent UK?

Contraception services are free and confidential, including for people under 16 years old. This means the doctor or nurse won’t tell your parents or anyone else, as long as they believe you’re mature enough to understand the information and decisions involved.

When did contraception become free on the NHS?

The 1974 reorganisation of the NHS formally incorporated family planning services into the NHS and from 1 April, all contraceptive advice and supplies provided by the NHS were free of charge regardless of age or marital status.

Who invented family planning?

Marie Stopes
Died 2 October 1958 (aged 77) Dorking, Surrey, England
Nationality British
Education University of London (BSc, DSc) University of Munich (PhD)
Known for Family planning, eugenics

What was the first contraceptive pill?

The first human contraceptive pill was invented by Carl Djerassi in Mexico in 1951. The first commercially available oral contraceptive pill, Enovid, was invented by American chemist Frank Colton in 1960.

How can I get birth control without a doctor?

Can I get birth control pills without seeing a doctor? You do not need to visit a provider’s office to be prescribed birth control pills. Instead, you can speak with a provider online from the comfort of your home, which can help you start treatment sooner.

Are condoms free in the UK?

Truth: Condoms are available at any age and free of charge from contraception clinics, Brook centres, sexual health (GUM) clinics and young people’s clinics. These services also provide confidential advice.

When was the NHS Family Planning Act passed?

In 1967, parliament passed the NHS Family Planning Act, which enabled local health authority-funded family health clinics to give contraceptive advice to unmarried women, on both medical and social grounds. Edwin Brooks MP introduced it as a Private Members Bill.

Is the sexual health and Family Planning Act still in place?

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT) continues to provide consultations for a range of sexual and reproductive health needs. Most appointments have returned to in-person consultations.

Why did Edwin Brooks introduce the Family Planning Act?

Edwin Brooks MP introduced it into the House of Commons as a Private Members Bill, calling Parliament to respond to the issue of a rapidly growing population. He identified a social problem whereby low income groups were at risk of economic struggle through having more children than they could afford.

What was the National Health Service Act 1967?

National Health Service (Family Planning) Act 1967 (Hansard) List of mentions of the National Health Service (Family Planning) Act 1967 in Parliament in the period 1803 to 2005 Search Help HANSARD 1803–2005→ Acts (N)

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