What time does festival close at JMU?

Festival: Hours

Normal Hours of Operation
Monday–Friday 8am–11pm
Saturday 9am–11pm
Sunday 10am–11pm
*Facility will open 1-hour prior.

What time does SSC close JMU?

Student Success Center Hours of Operation

Summer Hours 2021
Monday-Thursday 8am-11pm
Friday 8am-9pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-11pm

Where can you park at JMU without a pass?

Vehicles displaying both a valid accessible permit and JMU permit (excluding Remote Lot permits) may park in any general space in any lot, at parking meters without needing to feed the meter and may park in specially marked spaces unless there is a sign that specifically prohibits accessible parking.

Are microwaves allowed in dorms JMU?

Appliances. Open heating elements, such as hotplates, toasters, toaster ovens, and space heaters are not permitted in the residence halls. Microwave ovens and sandwich grills are not permitted in student rooms. Refrigerators must not be larger than 5 cubic feet (total capacity).

Does JMU have a Dunkin?

Dunkin’ Donuts® – 1st Floor.

Are JMU buildings open?

The JMU Student Success Center is open to students, faculty, staff, and the general public. Guests are expected to behave appropriately while on the premises. Objectionable behavior that interferes with a safe, pleasant, and productive environment is prohibited.

Is JMU parking free on weekends?

Parking Services provides visitors with parking permits at no charge during our normal business hours (7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday). Visitors who arrive at times other than those specified above should park in R1, R2, or R4 Lots and obtain a permit from Parking Services as soon as possible.

Can I park at JMU bookstore?

We are conveniently located close to I-81 in JMU’s Godwin Parking Lot: Visitors, please stop by Parking Services for a free parking pass or park in a meter to avoid a ticket. From North of Harrisonburg: Take I-81 exit 245.

What dorms at JMU have AC?

Harper Allen-Lee, Hoffman, Logan, Wayland, Bell, Hillside, McGraw-Long, Chandler, Chesapeake and Shenandoah have AC. All Village hall suite areas and TV lounges have AC.

Do JMU dorms have cameras?

James Madison University reserves the right to place video surveillance cameras on campus where it deems necessary and appropriate. James Madison University respects the right to privacy of the university community members and balances the right to privacy with the safety needs of the campus community.

Does Mr J’s Take Flex?

Vending Machines – Use FLEX to access most vending machines throughout campus and to buy your favorite snacks and sodas. Off Campus Flex – Students, Faculty, and Staff can use their FLEX accounts at over 50 off-campus merchant locations around the Harrisonburg area.

How do I put money on my flex JMU?

Add money at any time by:

  1. The web using the Online Account Access link.
  2. Phone by calling: 540-568-6446.
  3. Fax by faxing form to: 540-568-1749.
  4. Mail by mailing to:
  5. Coming to Card Services Customer Window located in the Student Success Building 2nd Floor.

How long is the Blue Tip Festival in Ohio?

The Blue Tip Festival is a five day celebration of the Wadsworth, Ohio community. It starts with a world class parade and the lighting of a giant, twenty foot blue tip match which lights downtown Wadsworth during the festival’s duration.

What to do at the Wadsworth Blue Tip Festival?

It starts with a world class parade and the lighting of a giant, twenty foot blue tip match which lights downtown Wadsworth during the festival’s duration. The festival then offers attendants their choice of amusement rides, festival foods, midway games, contests, and other entertainment.

Where can I Check my JMU meal punch balance?

Meal Punch or Dining Dollar balances can be checked on your MyMadison account or by asking a cashier at any JMU Dining location. Where can I use punches?

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