What is the ward 18 at the Luton and dunstable hospital?

Ward 18 is a 29 bedded medical ward caring for a majority of general medical and elderly care patients. We are looking for a proactive and enthusiastic individual who is passionate about delivering high quality patient care. You will be joining an established team and be supported by the Ward Manager.

Can you visit patients in Luton and dunstable hospital?

We have reviewed our current visiting restrictions at Bedford Hospital and Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, and listened to the views of our patients and our staff. However, our priority is to keep our patients and staff safe and not having visitors on-site at the present time will help us to do this.

What is Ward 12 Luton and Dunstable Hospital?

32 bedded mixed sex ward.

Where is the comet Centre Luton Dunstable Hospital?

The main entrance to the COMET Centre is located on the ground floor of the old block of the Hospital with the Library and Training & Development on first floor. Offices are open from Monday to Friday, 08.30 – 17.00.

What is the emergency assessment unit?

The Emergency Assessment Unit functions to provide early assessment and treatment to adult patients, who are referred by their general practitioner or by the Accident and Emergency department. An example of patients who require close observation and a MDT approach are patients with acute delirium.

Can you visit people in hospital Bedford?

One close family contact or somebody important to the patient are allowed to visit patients on all adult inpatients wards across both Bedford Hospital and the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital (L&D). Each patient will be allowed one visit for one hour, once a day.

How much is parking at Luton and Dunstable hospital?

There are three main patient and visitor car parks, one small patient only car park and one disabled car park….

Time Price
Drop off and up to 10 minutes Free
Up to 30 minutes £1
Up to 2 hours £3
Up to 3 hours £4

What is the postcode for Luton and Dunstable Hospital?

The main entrance to the hospital is on Lewsey Road, which is accessible from Dunstable Road. Please click here to view our hospital site map, including car parking locations. Arriving by car, motorcycle or cycle: If you are travelling by car our postcode for a Sat Nav is LU4 0DZ.

How much is parking at Luton and Dunstable Hospital?

What happens in a medical assessment unit?

Your assessment may entail X-rays, scans and other tests and procedures. Once the results of theses tests and procedures are available, the Consultant will review them and decide on a plan for you. We recognise that coming into hospital can be worrying for you and your family.

What is AEU in hospitals?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An acute admissions unit is a short-stay department in some British, Australian and New Zealand hospitals that may be linked to the emergency department, but functions as a separate department.

How many beds are at Luton and Dunstable Hospital?

Squirrel Ward (17 beds) for children under two. Rabbit Ward (17 beds) for medical and longer stay surgical patients including isolation facilities for paediatric oncology patients, and a small adolescent unit Luton and Dunstable Hospital also provide services for Children’s Infectious Diseases.

How old do you have to be to go to Luton and Dunstable?

Unit accepts referral for children up to 16 years of age or completion of academic year 11. All children admitted to the Trust are looked after on the Paediatric Unit. Squirrel Ward (17 beds) for children under two. Luton and Dunstable Hospital also provide services for Children’s Infectious Diseases.

When to visit cardiology unit at Luton hospital?

We also work closely with Cardiac Centre, Coronary Care Unit and Cardiology specialist Nurses and Doctors to ensure patient’s achieve the best clinical outcomes. 01582 497138, ext 7138. 14.00 – 20.00, all visiting outside designated visiting hours must be agreed with nurse in charge.

How many beds are there in Dunstable paediatric unit?

There are dedicated Phlebotomy clinics, Sweat tests and the nursing team provide Epi-pen training for parents and spirometry. The Paediatric Unit has 54 beds including a 5 Bed Paediatric Admissions Unit (PAU) and facilities for High Dependency Care for children.

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