What is the best selling DC comic?

Best Sellers in DC Comics & Graphic Novels

  1. #1. Watchmen (2019 Edition) Alan Moore.
  2. #2. Batman: Year One. Frank Miller.
  3. #3. Primer. Thomas Krajewski.
  4. #4. Batman: The Long Halloween. Jeph Loeb.
  5. #5. Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven. Kami Garcia.
  6. #6. Batman: The Killing Joke Deluxe (New Edition)
  7. #7. Harleen.
  8. #8. Batman: Three Jokers.

What are the best selling comics right now?

These are the best selling comics of 2019

  • Detective Comics #1. Detective Comics #1000 celebrated the longest continually running comic book title in American comics hitting the four-digit milestone.
  • Spawn #300.
  • X-Men #1.
  • Black Cat #1.
  • DCeased #1.
  • Absolute Carnage #1.
  • Marvel Comics #1000.
  • House of X #1.

What happened to The New 52?

The New 52 branding ended after the completion of the “Convergence” storyline in May 2015, although the continuity of The New 52 continued. In June 2015, 24 new titles were launched, alongside 25 returning titles, with several of those receiving new creative teams.

Who sold more comics Marvel or DC?

According to Diamond, Marvel dominated the market share for periodicals with a 44.72%-30.74% lead over DC in unit share and a 40.2% to 29.29% lead in dollar share. That roughly echoes 2018’s market share numbers, with a slight uptick in Marvel’s favor.

Who sold more comics in 2020?

The best-selling comic by Diamond Comic Distributors to comic shops in North America in 2020 was ‘Wolverine’, with 196.44 thousand copies sold to stores in that year, followed by ‘Wonder Woman’, with over 168 thousand copies sold.

Is Rebirth the same as New 52?

Whats the difference between New 52 and Rebirth? It’s all set in the same universe, Prime Earth. The New 52 was a 2011 reboot that erased most of Post-Crisis (1985-2011) continuity following the Flashpoint event. Rebirth is a 2016 relaunch that aims to return many fan-favourite Post-Crisis continuity elements.

Who is the New 52 Superman?

Superman also known as Clark Kent or Kal-El was the defender of Metropolis, he was the opposite of the Batman as well as the latter’s greatest friend and ally. Superman is an alien from the distant planet of Krypton sent to Earth upon the destruction of Krypton by his father.

Is New 52 Superman still dead?

The New 52 Superman finally succumbs to his damaged condition and burns up from the inside. This leaves the post-Crisis Superman as the only Man of Steel left on Earth.

When did DC Comics release the New 52?

The New 52 is a 2011 DC Comics event marking the relaunch of its entire line with the publication of 52 new comic series, all beginning at #1.

Which is the best comic of the New 52?

While The New 52 may stand as a testament to superhero stories and worlds, Swamp Thing made the most of its time beside the capes, and did so in bloody style. 3. Midnighter Launched during the ‘DC You’ initiative, Midnighter quickly became one of the most interesting and ambitious books of the entire era.

When did DC Comics consolidate their comic lines?

In September, 2011, DC Comics consolidated and relaunched their comic lines, discontinuing some series, and introducing yet other series, resulting in 52 titles, each with a new #1. That consolidation included the incorporation of both the Wildstorm Productions and the reincorporation of certain Vertigo properties into the mainstream DC Universe.

Where can I buy new DC Comics books?

Every DC Comics book from here on out will be digitally distributed “day and date.” This means that on the same day individual issues hit the shelves of your local comic store, they’ll also be available to read digitally on your iPad, your iPhone, your Android, and so forth.

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