What is Alma Colorado known for?

Today Alma welcomes mountain-hiking enthusiasts, ghost hunters and tourists from Leadville and Breckenridge. Must-sees include Kite Lake, at a crisp 12,400 feet, the ghost town of Buckskin Joe and Alma’s spooky cemetery.

Which is higher Alma or Leadville?

Alma is the highest town in Colorado at 10,578 feet (3,224 meters) in elevation. What is the highest elevation city in Colorado? Leadville is the highest elevated city in Colorado at 10,152 feet (3,094 meters), along with America’s highest incorporated city.

Is Alma a ghost town?

Alma is a ghost town and drowned town in Santa Clara County in California, United States. It lies beneath the waters of the Lexington Reservoir above Los Gatos. The location is latitude 37.18N and longitude 121.98W. It was 551 feet (168 meters) above sea level.

Is Alma Colorado Safe?

Excellent. There is virtually no crime in this area.

What county is Alma Colorado?

Park County

Alma is a high mountain town, situated about thirty minutes south of Breckenridge. It’s the highest incorporated municipality in the U.S., at 10,578 ft. It’s located just north of Fairplay and the intersection of Highway 285 and U.S. 9 in Park County.

Who lives at the highest altitude?

The highest permanently inhabited town in the world at the present time appears to be La Rinconada, a mining village of over 7000 people in southern Peru at an altitude of up to 5100 m, which has been in existence for over 40 yr.

How many people live in Alma, co?

No Recent searches yet, but as soon as you have some, we’ll display them here. The historic Town of Alma is a Statutory Town located in Park County, Colorado, United States. The town population was 179 at the U.S. Census 2000.

How to pay for the town of Alma Colorado?

The Town of Alma is pleased to offer you the means to make your Utility and/or Traffic Summons payments securely online. We can only accept payments via Electronic Check. We do not accept credit or debit cards as forms of payment at this time.

When did the town of Alma Colorado get its name?

The Town of Alma, named after the grocery store owner’s daughter, held its first “Town” meeting on December 4, 1873. The town meeting minutes from that first meeting in 1873 until July, 1881 can be found in Town Hall. The minutes are hand written in true calligraphy style.

What to see and do in Alma Colorado?

Relics and spirits remind Alma visitors of the town’s mining history. The Sweet Home Mine was known until very recently for producing world-class specimens of rhodochrosite, a mineral known for its beautiful pink rose color (which you can see today over at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science) .

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