What happened to Marngrook?

The Indigenous AFL program the Marngrook Footy Show has been axed by broadcaster SBS after 12 years on the air. Named after a traditional Indigenous game that bears similarities to today’s Aussie rules, the program aired its last show in grand final week.

Is the Marngrook footy show still on TV?

The show was cancelled in October 2019, replaced by Yokayi Footy in March 2020. As of April 2021 the show continues as a weekly radio show on Saturday mornings on 3KND in Melbourne.

How do you score in Marngrook?

Each team competes to catch the ball after it’s kicked high in the air. One aim is for players to jump the highest and take the best mark. Players that take a mark are then able to have a free kick. In the past, Marngrook games were usually long and could last up to 2 days.

What does Yokayi mean?

a shout of victory
The name ‘Yokayi’ (pronounced: yok-eye), a Noongar phrase meaning ‘a shout of victory’, highlights the importance of culture and community, both of which are core aspects of the program.

Who hosts Yokayi footy?

Megan or ‘Megz’ as she’s more regularly known, joins former AFL player Tony Armstrong and former Brisbane Lions champion Daryl White as hosts of Yokayi Footy in 2021. In partnership with the AFL, Yokayi Footy covers everything Australians love about AFL through bold conversation, entertainment and a youthful lens.

Whats on NITV now?

Sunday 8th August

  • Volumz. 5:00AM Entertainment PG.
  • Musomagic Outback Tracks. 6:00AM G.
  • Kagagi, The Raven. 6:26AM PG.
  • Coyote’s Crazy Smart Science Show. 6:53AM G.
  • My Animal Friends. 7:22AM G.
  • Molly Of Denali. 7:36AM G.
  • Raven’s Quest. 8:01AM G.
  • Pom Pom. 8:11AM G.

Is AFL an Aboriginal game?

Marn Grook or marngrook, from the Woiwurung language for “ball” or “game”, is a traditional Indigenous Australian football game played at gatherings and celebrations by sometimes more than 100 players. Marn Grook featured punt kicking and catching a stuffed ball.

Who invented Marngrook?

inventor Tom Wills
Transcripts prove Indigenous game Marngrook was played where AFL inventor Tom Wills grew up. Marngrook and Australian Rules Football are strikingly similar.

What is Yokayi football?

Yokayi: a brand new Indigenous footy show Championing young, diverse players and perspectives, NITV and the AFL kick off a new partnership and premiering an exciting new program, Yokayi Footy.

Who is Megan Waters?

She’s a fitness professional, social media influencer and set to be your new favourite TV personality, but Megan Waters says being back in the NT bush is where she feels most at home. Waters, a fitness and nutrition professional, grew up in Larrakia Country in Darwin before moving to Naarm (Melbourne) at age 19.

Is Tony Armstrong Aboriginal?

A proud Barranbinya man, Armstrong made the leap from sport to media a few years earlier when a friend suggested he try AFL radio commentary with the National Indigenous Radio Service. In 2019 he became the first Indigenous person to call live football on commercial radio, at Triple M in Melbourne.

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