What happened to John Noakes?

On 30 June 2015, Noakes was reported missing from his home in Andratx, Majorca: he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease some years before. He was found the same day, close to his home, having fallen into grass in a storm drain. Noakes died on 28 May 2017 at the Son Espases Hospital in Palma.

How did Noakes die?

Alzheimer’s disease
John Noakes/Cause of death

Mr Noakes, who died in May aged 83, and had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, had excelled in cross country running and gymnastics during his time at the school.

When did Noakes die?

May 28, 2017
John Noakes/Date of death

Who owned Shep the dog?

Like all Blue Peter pets, Shep was owned by the BBC, but when John left the programme in June 1978 the BBC realised the pair were inseparable and let him keep the Border Collie. Shep appeared with John in five series of Go with Noakes before giving up his career in showbusiness.

Did Noakes own Shep?

Soon after this angry confrontation, Noakes relinquished Shep, who went to live with Edith Menzies. Noakes subsequently appeared in a series of television advertisements for Spillers “Choice Cuts” dog food, using a dog that was indistinguishable from Shep but named Skip.

Where is Noakes buried?

John Noakes

Original Name John W. Bottomley
Death 28 May 2017 (aged 83) Islas Baleares, Spain
Burial Cremated, Ashes scattered, Specifically: Half of his ashes where placed in a fire work and set off over Rishworth School in his home town of Halifax. The other half of ashes spread at his home in Majorca.

Who had Shep Blue Peter?

Shep also appeared with Noakes in six series of Go With Noakes, from 1976 to 1980. Noakes left Blue Peter on 26 June 1978. and the BBC offered to let him keep Shep, as the dog had lived with him since his TV debut….Shep (British dog)

Species Canis lupus familiaris
Sex Male
Born 1 May 1971
Died 17 January 1987 (aged 15 years 8 months)

Where is Shep buried?

Fort Benton
Shep (American dog)

Sculpture of Shep on the bank of the Missouri River, Fort Benton, Montana. Artist: Bob Scriver.
Species dog
Resting place Cemetery Road, Fort Benton, Montana
Nation from United States
Occupation former herding dog

What was the end for Shep?

Noakes called her a “stupid woman” in a televised 2008 documentary celebrating the show’s 50th anniversary. Shep died in 1987, and Noakes often became emotional when asked about him; he openly wept on an edition of The Weakest Link when hostess Anne Robinson asked him about the dog.

What car did John Noakes?

John Noakes 1977 Blue Peter – 1970 Marcos V-6 Ealing Studios.

What happened to the Blue Peter baby?

The original mongrel pup had died days after first appearing on the show in 1962. The new Petra went on to become one of the show’s most popular pets. And it wasn’t until the 90s – more than 10 years after she went to the great dog kennel in the sky in 1977 – that the truth was revealed.

What does Shep mean?

as a boys’ name has its root in Old English, and the meaning of Shep is “shepherd”. Shep is a version of Shepherd (Old English): occupational name.

What was the cause of death for John Noakes?

John Noakes dead – Blue Peter legend dies at 83 after battle with Alzheimer’s. BLUE Peter legend John Noakes died on Sunday morning after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.

How old was John Noakes when his dog died?

“I can’t say too much”: The moment visibly emotional John Noakes broke down on TV over death of Blue Peter dog Shep. It was announced today that former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes had died aged 83, after a battle with Alzheimer’s.

What happened to John Noakes and Shep in 1987?

On 20 January 1987, the question “Whatever happened to John Noakes and Shep?” was posed. Noakes appeared on the show with his wife and revealed what he had been doing since retiring from television. During the course of the interview, Noakes tearfully revealed that Shep had died three days before.

How long has John Noakes been on Blue Peter?

John’s friendship with Shep was a fan favourite. John is Blue Peter’s longest-serving presenter. He joined Blue Peter on 30th December 1956 and left the programme after twelve and a half years on 26th June 1978.

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