What does Katara always say?

4 “But I believe Aang can save the world.” Perhaps the most iconic quote from the series that Katara ever says is the voiceover monologue that she gives during the show’s intro.

What is the most hated episode of Avatar The Last Airbender?

15 Worst Episodes Of Avatar: The Last Airbender According To IMDB

  1. 1 The Great Divide S1E011 (7.1)
  2. 2 Avatar Day S2E05 (7.6)
  3. 3 Nightmares and Daydreams S3E09 (7.8)
  4. 4 The Swamp S2E04 (7.8)
  5. 5 Jet S1E10 (7.8)
  6. 6 The Fortuneteller S1E14 (7.9)
  7. 7 Bato of the Water Tribe S1E15 (7.9)
  8. 8 The Painted Lady S3E03 (8.0)

What does Katara say in the beginning?

Water. Earth
Katara narrates the opening sequence. In the first episode, she states: “Water. Earth.

Why did Aang die before Katara?

How Did Aang Die After Avatar: The Last Airbender? Essentially Aang’s death can be attributed to a complicated form of old age. As Aang grew older the 100 years he spent trapped in an iceberg started to catch up with him. His life energy was drained and he eventually died at the relatively young biological age of 66.

How did Katara get her necklace back?

After binding her to a tree, he revealed that he was in possession of her lost necklace, the last tie Katara had to her mother. Zuko bribed her with the keepsake, promising to return it if she was willing to relinquish Aang. It was during this battle that Aang successfully recovered Katara’s necklace from Zuko.

How does Zuko die?

Eventually Zuko learns that his mother made a deal after the previous Fire Lord, Azulon, ordered Ozai to kill Zuko. Ursa offered to concoct an odorless, colorless poison that would kill Azulon and put Ozai on the throne, sparing Zuko’s life.

How did Katara die?

Katara has two grandsons in the latest book of LOK (Book 2: Spirits). When Tenzin and Pema have their next son Katara will die in her sleep according to Wu the fortuneteller.

What was Katara’s best line in Avatar The Last Airbender?

That means she’s got a lot of lines that inspire her friends as well as the audience. While Katara is built on hope and logic, not all of her lines are of the serious variety. She’s got quite the mix of serious and humorous quotes, making some of her lines the most memorable in the show. 10 “You Can’t Knock Me Down.”

What did Katara say to Aang at the end of Avatar?

Aang is more angry and depressed than she’s ever seen him, and he’s shutting down in response to the pain. Katara reminds him, and all fans of the show, that as hard as caring can be that it’s worth it in the end.

What did Katara say to Zuko in Avatar?

On the other side of the coin, this is a really intense quote that Katara says to Zuko when he first shows up to help the Gaang. While Katara accepts that she has to allow Zuko around, she warns him that she won’t let him mess with anyone she cares about.

What happens in Avatar The Last Airbender season 1?

(The eyes of different Avatar memorials begin to glow throughout the nations, including a temple in the Fire Nation) Fire Sage: Send word to the Fire Lord immediately: The Avatar has returned! (Back at the Southern Air Temple, the wind begins to pick up around Aang) Sokka: Aang, come on! Snap out of it!

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