Was Zoey pregnant in the last season of Hart of Dixie?

Rachel Bilson Says Hart of Dixie Cancellation Had ‘Nothing to Do With’ Her Pregnancy. Rachel Bilson is missing her days as a southern belle. Bilson’s character, Dr. Zoe Barnes, had a baby in the series finale – plus, costar Jaime King, who played debutante Lemon Breeland, gave birth to son Leo Thames on July 16.

Why does Zoe leave Bluebell?

Zoe, however, ignores those words of wisdom and opts to ditch Bluebell for the weekend to attend a wedding in New York. And wouldn’t you know, Jonah Breeland just so happens to be on the same plane.

Does Zoe date George Tucker?

Zoe fell in love with him really quickly almost in the beginning. George was also attracted to her, but it was complicated because he had already a girlfriend/fiancée, in the beginning of the series. But they became closer every day. George fell in love with her too.

What happens in Season 4 of Hart of Dixie?

It all works out by Hart Of Dixie’s season 4 finale episode “Bluebell” though. Zoe and Wade have a very last-minute wedding just before their baby son is born and a flash-forward shows Lemon and Lavon tying the knot, with George and Annabeth making a go of it together in Nashville.

What was the song at the end of Hart of Dixie?

“Long live the heart / Long live this soul,” they belt out Needtobreathe’s “The Heart” song. “That knowns what it wants / That piece you can find / That part is the whole / And it never lets go.” Cue Matt Nathanson’s “Run” tune! Zoe and Wade, ladies and gents, finally got their happy ending — in a hospital.

Who are the bridesmaids at the end of Hart of Dixie?

In a flash forward musical sequence, the two say “I do” in the town square. Annabeth and Zoe are bridesmaids as George and Wade support Lavon as his groomsmen. Better yet? The whole town breaks out in a sing-along, which makes for an adorable ending.

What happens to George and Annabeth in Hart of Dixie?

George ( Scott Porter) runs into trouble after reuniting with girlfriend Annabeth ( Kaitlyn Black) following a few weeks away at his new Nashville job. The lovebirds have fun in, ahem, the bedroom, but Annabeth gets upset when she hears he may stay in Nashville for good.

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