How long is the ferry from Valletta to Sliema?

about 15 minutes
The journey time is about 15 minutes.

How much is the ferry from Sliema to Valletta?


Adult (1 way) € 1.50
Adult (return) € 2.80
Child / Pensioner (1 way) € 0.50
Child / Pensioner (return) € 0.90

Is there a ferry from Sliema to Gozo?

Is there a ferry from Sliema to Gozo? No, although from the Ferries area of Sliema, you *can* opt to take an organised boat tour to Gozo.

How do you get to three cities from Valletta?

How to Use the Public Ferry to the Three Cities, Malta

  1. Wherever you are in Valletta, make your way the Upper Barrakka Lift.
  2. Go down the lift and walk across the street to the Valletta Waterfront.
  3. Go to the dock and wait for the ferry to arrive.
  4. Pay your fare.
  5. Enjoy the ride and the view.

Can you walk from Sliema to Valletta?

The ferry from Sliema to Valletta takes about 8 minutes and costs 1.50 euro single or 2.80 euro return. The bus to Valletta will be 2.00 euros ,same to St Julians . You can easily walk to St Julians along the seafront in about 40 minutes.

Is Sliema worth visiting?

Today, Sliema is an affluent area and one of Malta’s main hubs, a must-see for any visitor to Malta. Since Sliema is now Malta’s main coastal resort, luxury residential apartments and tourist accommodation hug the coast, but you can still spot a few architectural gems sparsed in between – see if you can find them!

How much is the ferry Malta to Gozo?

1. Re: How much does it cost to get the ferry to Gozo from Malta? The cost of a ferry crossing for a car and driver is 15.70 euro. All additional passengers cost 4.65 euro.

What can you do in 3 cities?

11 Things to Do in the Three Cities, Malta

  • Gardjola Gardens, Senglea. Situated right on the point of Senglea’s peninsula is the Gardjola Gardens.
  • Senglea Basilica, Senglea.
  • Streets of Senglea.
  • St.
  • Vittoriosa Yacht Marina, Cospicua.
  • Maritime Museum, Birgu.
  • St.
  • Fort Saint Angelo, Birgu.

How much is a taxi from Sliema to Valletta?

Twenty minute ride and cost 1.50 euros. A taxi should be about 15 euros.

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