How do I use an environment variable in VBA?

Using Environment Variables in VBA

  1. Private Sub Workbook_Open() ‘the name of the current user. Dim UserName As String.
  2. Sub ListEnvironmentVariables() ‘each environment variable in turn. Dim EnvironmentVariable As String.
  3. Sub ChooseDesktopWorkbook() ‘the path to user’s desktop. Dim DesktopPath As String.

How do I use environ in Excel VBA?

You can use the ENVIRON function to retrieve the value of an environment variable by providing the numeric position of the variable within the environment variable table. When you supply the numeric position, it will return both the name of the environment variable as well as its value.

How do I declare a variable in Excel VBA?

You can implicitly declare a variable in Visual Basic simply by using it in an assignment statement. All variables that are implicitly declared are of type Variant. Variables of type Variant require more memory resources than most other variables.

How do I assign a range to a variable in Excel VBA?

Variable range is a variable with range data type. It is defined as the same as the Dim Statement. We use the Set statement to assign a range to the variable. Range Property method is used to access the values for the range variable.

How do I find the IP address in Excel VBA?

VBA Code to Get Local IP Address Press F5 to run the code. You can view the results in the immediate window (Ctrl + G). This will output all the IP addresses assigned for the computer.

How do I create a dynamic range in Excel VBA?

Dynamic Range

  1. First, we declare one variable and two Range objects.
  2. We add the line which changes the background color of all cells to ‘No Fill’.
  3. We initialize rng with the numbers.
  4. We initialize maximum with the maximum value of the numbers.
  5. Finally, we color the maximum value.
  6. Add a number.

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