How do I report TOEFL scores to universities?

By Mail

  1. Complete the TOEFL iBT Additional Score Report Request Form (PDF).
  2. Mail it with your payment to: ETS-TOEFL iBT. P.O. Box 6153. Princeton, NJ 08541-6153 USA.
  3. Score reports are mailed 10 business days after your request is received.

Does a bad TOEFL score affect admission?

You have to understand the fact that TOEFL is an English proficiency test and it will not affect your admission chances to the university. Though TOEFL does not affect your admission result, it might affect your chances to get assistantships.

Is there a penalty on TOEFL for incorrect answer?

On the TOEFL, you’ll earn points for every correct answer you choose (or prompt you fulfill) and zero points for incorrect answers. There is no guessing penalty on the TOEFL, so always make a guess if you don’t know the answer! The points you earn from correct answers are called “raw” points.

Is TOEFL score report free?

When you register for the TOEFL, you will have the option to choose up to four schools you’d like your TOEFL scores to be sent to for FREE. The cost of sending these score reports is included in your registration fee, and this is the only time you’ll be able to send scores for free.

Can TOEFL scores be sent electronically?

Students can’t send electronic TOEFL scores to school, per se. But as soon as you request that the scores be mailed, the schools will automatically get access to your electronic scores, while the print ones are still in transit. The bad news is that you as a test-taker cannot connect a university to these services.

Is 111 a good TOEFL score?

90-100: TOEFL scores in this range are perfectly good. 100-110: These are very good TOEFL scores. Once you start scoring this high on a TOEFL iBT, you can be accepted into Ivy League schools and other top universities. 110-120: These are the best TOEFL iBT scores by any standard.

How important is TOEFL score?

How Important is the TOEFL Score? The importance of TOEFL scores cannot be emphasized more, especially for students who are seeking admissions to graduate and undergraduate programs in English speaking foreign universities. In the USA, TOEFL test scores are accepted in almost 90% of the universities.

Is the TOEFL test taker score report an official report?

The Test Taker Score Report (both paper and PDF) is intended for the test taker’s personal records only, and not to be used by institutions as an official score report. Please check with your selected institutions directly regarding their policies about receiving score reports.

Where can I get a copy of my TOEFL score?

Unfortunately, you cannot request a paper copy of your score report after you’ve taken the TOEFL. If you’d like a hard copy of your TOEFL report but didn’t request one prior to taking the test, you may instead print out a PDF of your online TOEFL score report. (This option is not available to test takers in China.)

How long are PDF scores valid for TOEFL?

PDF score reports are valid for two years from the test date, and will be removed from your account after that time. A score report posting schedule for each test date is also available on the TOEFL iBT website.

Can a TOEFL score be cancelled after leaving the test center?

TOEFL scores may not be cancelled after leaving the test center. ETS permits test-takers who have previously cancelled their TOEFL scores to reinstate those scores within 60 days of the test date. As with score cancellation, students must decide on reinstatement without knowledge of their performance on the test.

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