How do I program my VCR remote to my TV?

programming the remote:

  1. Turn on the device you are programming the remote for (TV, VCR, etc).
  2. Press and release the ‘Function Key’ (TV, CABLE, VCR or AUX).
  3. Press and hold the ‘Setup’ until the function key blinks twice.
  4. Enter the 4-digit code for the desired device.

How do I program my RCA universal remote without a code?

If your RCA universal remote does not have a Code Search button

  1. Power on the equipment you want to control.
  2. Press and hold the button on the universal remote that matches the device you’re pairing (e.g. if it’s a DVD player, press the DVD button).

How do you program a VCR?

To proam your VCR Channels:

  1. Turn your TV on to the proper channel or input for your VCR.
  2. Make sure the VCR is turned on.
  3. Press the VCR or TV/VCR button on your remote to make sure the VCR is in “VCR” mode.
  4. Press the PROGRAM or PROG button on your VCR’s remote control.

What are the codes to a RCA universal remote?

Universal Remote Control Code List For RCA Remote Controls

  • Abex TV 1172.
  • Admiral TV 1001 , 1046 , 1047 , 1083 , 1095 , 1173 , 1191 , 1211.
  • Admiral VCR 2001.
  • Advent TV 1005 , 1062 , 1219 , 1238 , 1291.
  • Adventura TV 1174.
  • Adventura VCR 2026.
  • Aiko TV 1016.
  • Aiko VCR 2027.

How do I program a RCA universal remote to my TV without codes?

What are the RCA TV remote codes?

The RCA Universal Remote has eight different codes for RCA televisions and nine for VCR ‘s. There are two different codes for cable boxes. The TV codes are 000, 006, 011, 019, 027, 034, 038 and 044.

How do you program a RCA remote?

Follow steps to program RCA universal remote Take your remote and press on the code search button and hold the button. After that press on the TV or VCR button and hold the button until your selected device button blinking. After that enter your 3 digits RCA remote code for your selected device. After that, you can release your code search.

What is RCA universal remote code?

RCA’s universal remote control is preprogrammed with code 000 for the “TV” button, the ” VCR ” button and the “Cable” button.

What is the code for Apex TV RCA remote?

Three and four digit Apex TV codes for RCA universal remote controls: 3 digit codes (v.1) for RCU300, RCU310, RCU410, etc. 236 240 241. 3 digit codes (v.3) for RCU300T, RCU404, etc. 023 032.

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