How do I open the Management Reporter in AX 2012?

Launch Management Reporter direct from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2. New Management Reporter menu items available under General ledger & Budgeting reports section. Users with permission to Design & Generate reports in MR will be able to see menu item inside AX. Open Report Designer with a click.

Can’t connect to the Management Reporter server?

Resolution/Things to check: Make sure the server name and path in the connection address is correct by going to Tools >> Connection. On the server where the Configuration Console is installed make sure that both the “Management Reporter Application” and “Management Reporter Process” services are running.

How do I move a management reporter to another server?

Migrating Management Reporter Database to New SQL Server

  1. Backup Management Reporter on the old SQL Server.
  2. Remove the integration in Configuration Console.
  3. Remove the Application and Process services in Configuration Console.
  4. Restore Management Reporter database on the new SQL Server.

How do I refresh a Management Reporter data mart?

Back up the Management Reporter database.

  1. Log in to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (you must have credentials that allow you access, typically the ‘sa’ user).
  2. Open the Databases dropdown and right click on ManagementReporter. Then go to Tasks>Backup.
  3. Choose the path you wish to save the back up to, add a .

How do I copy a report in Management Reporter?

2. RE: COPY MR2012 Report Library

  1. In Management Reporter, Go to Company.
  2. Building Block Groups.
  3. Select the Building Block Group.
  4. Click Export.
  5. Select the Reports Definitions, Rows, Columns and Trees you want to export.
  6. Click Export.
  7. 7.It will ask you where to put it.
  8. You are back to Building Blocks Group Window.

How do I open the Management Reporter configuration console?

Configure Management Reporter server components 1. Click Start, select Programs, select Microsoft Dynamics, select Management Reporter 2012, and then select Configuration Console to open the Management Reporter Configuration Console.

How do you use a data mart?

Analysts can extract data on a particular subject or business process from internal or external data sources, process it, and then store it in a data mart repository until the team needs it. Hybrid data marts combine data from existing data warehouses and other operational sources.

Is management reporter still supported?

Management Reporter is supported by Microsoft as long as GP is supported. As long as your maintenance is current and you are on CU16 and above, you will be able to receive support for Management Reporter through 1/11/2028.

How do I export reports in management Reporter?

With the report open, click the XPS icon or go to the menu and select File/Export/XPS. From here you can select your export path, export range, comment options, and XPS options.

How do I add a company to management Reporter?

To add a company to Management Reporter, you’ll need to enable reporting through Tools -> Setup -> Company ->Company…

When to troubleshoot Management Reporter integration with AX 2012?

When this is not a very recent date/time the integration is not running. This should run every 45 seconds. In the Management Reporter 2012 configuration console you can view the log files created by e.g. the data mart integration. Check if there are no errors. If there are errors they need to be resolved. There are multiple causes.

Where can I install Microsoft Dynamics Management Reporter?

If you’re not using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 or cumulative update 7 or later for AX 2012 R2, you can use the stand-alone installation for Management Reporter. Download and run the installation package that is available on CustomerSource.

How to restore a Microsoft Management Reporter 2012?

Note If you are using a Management Reporter 2012 provider that uses the Dynamic Datamart (DDM) database, do not move the DDM database. Instead, a new database will be created by using the process here. 1. Start the Management Reporter 2012 Configuration Console.

How to assign user admin role in Management Reporter?

Assigning user an Admin role The AX 2012 system administrator role does not map into the Administrator role in Management Reporter. So the user needs to be assigned the Security Administrator role instead. Again wait until everything is fully integrated in the Configuration Console. Now re-open the users list in Management Reporter -> Security.

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