How do I force a NuGet package to restore?

Restore packages manually using Visual Studio

  1. Enable package restore by choosing Tools > Options > NuGet Package Manager. Under Package Restore options, select Allow NuGet to download missing packages.
  2. In Solution Explorer, right click the solution and select Restore NuGet Packages.

Does Msbuild restore NuGet packages?

1 Answer. msbuild -t:Restore will restore nuget packages for projects with PackageReference nuget management format. And your situation looks like packages. config nuget management format which you have used it.

How do I restore NuGet packages in Visual Studio 2013?

Enable NuGet Package Restore on Visual Studio 2013

  1. In Visual Studio, click Project > Enable NuGet Package Restore > answer Yes in the dialog.
  2. Right-click on the gplus-quickstart-csharp project and select Manage NuGet Packages.
  3. Click Restore on the Manage NuGet Packages window.

Where does NuGet restore put packages?

The global-packages folder is where NuGet installs any downloaded package. Each package is fully expanded into a subfolder that matches the package identifier and version number. Projects using the PackageReference format always use packages directly from this folder.

How do I refresh all NuGet packages?

To update all the packages in your solution, first restore them, and then you can either use NuGet.exe to update the packages or from within Visual Studio you can update the packages from the Package Manager Console window, or finally you can use the Manage Packages dialog.

How do I fix NuGet recovery failed?

Quick solution for Visual Studio users

  1. Select the Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Settings menu command.
  2. Set both options under Package Restore.
  3. Select OK.
  4. Build your project again.

What does dotnet restore do?

The dotnet restore command uses NuGet to restore dependencies as well as project-specific tools that are specified in the project file. In most cases, you don’t need to explicitly use the dotnet restore command, since a NuGet restore is run implicitly if necessary when you run the following commands: dotnet new.

Can you trust NuGet packages?

NuGet doesn’t manage trust. Even if it did, you would still have to be concerned about trusting what NuGet trusts. You should absolutely be concerned about the safety of the code in a NuGet package. You should be concerned about the safety of any code you are not familiar with.

How do I know if a NuGet package is installed?

  1. go to the Project or Solution in question.
  2. right click, Manage NuGet Packages…
  3. on the left, you will see ‘Installed Packages’

How do I reinstall NuGet packages in Visual Studio 2019?

NuGet Package Manager

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click References and choose Manage NuGet Packages.
  2. Choose “” as the Package source, select the Browse tab, search for Newtonsoft.Json, select that package in the list, and select Install:
  3. Accept any license prompts.

What is MSBuild restore?

MSBuild -t:restore (which nuget restore and dotnet restore use with . NET Core projects), restores packages referenced in the project file as follows: Read all project to project references. Read the project properties to find the intermediate folder and target frameworks.

What is the difference between NuGet restore and dotnet restore?

Both nuget restore and dotnet restore are roughly the same: They perform a NuGet restore operation. The only difference: dotnet restore is a convenience wrapper to invoke dotnet msbuild /t:Restore which invokes an MSBuild-integrated restore.

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