Who wins between Takumi and Shinji?

The race winner is disputed, as technically Takumi’s engine had blown, means he lost; a quote said by Kyoichi Sudo after the AE86’s engine had blown for the first time. However, he still crossed the finish line in first position, meaning that Shinji had lost.

How did Takumi win against Shinji?

Outcome. Takumi Fujiwara’s engine blows, sending both him and Shinji Inui into a spin. Takumi manages to control his Eight-Six and crosses the finish line backwards.

What happens to Takumi at the end of Initial D?

On the last curve Takumi, committing a rare mistake, blows his Formula Atlantic 4AG. His wheels lock up, sending both cars into a skid. But Takumi recovers quicker and uses his momentum to carry his AE86 hatch across the finish line, tail first.

Did Ryosuke let Takumi win?

As both cars drift, the Eight-Six drifts towards inside and Ryosuke with worn front tyres sliding outwards enabling Takumi to pass him, which leaves an awestruck Nakazato and Shingo witness Takumi becomes the new legend defeating the once legend Ryosuke Takahashi with a new course record.

How does Shinji Inui overtake Takumi in Initial D?

After a while, Shinji is able to overtake Takumi again by bumping his car out of the way during another hairpin turn. Nearing the end of the course, Takumi begins to feel pressured and begins to enter a flashback of Fumihiro and Ryosuke explaining that Takumi can use the engine’s full potential as a last resort.

How did Shinji Takumi get into a spin?

Takumi’s car is forced into a spin and Shinji also spins out after attempting to avoid colliding with Takumi. Takumi instinctively engaged the clutch to regain traction, and spins 180 degrees before crossing the finish line backwards.

Who is the final opponent of Takumi Fujiwara?

Following the defeat of Go Hojo, Shinji reveals to Mako and Sayuki that he is the final opponent of Takumi and drives off to the starting line.

What kind of car does Shinji Inui drive?

Shinji drives a notchback coupe variant of the Toyota AE86 Trueno which belongs to his late father. He is the fourth character in the series to drive a Toyota AE86 model, after the fake Takumi ‘s Trueno AE86. Very little is known about Shinji’s past life.

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