Who has covered Heart-Shaped Box?


Title Performer Release date
Heart-Shaped Box Lena Hall November 2, 2018
Heart-Shaped Box Brodka December 7, 2018
Heart-Shaped Box Andie Case April 6, 2019
Heart-Shaped Box Amber Mark April 1, 2020

Who is the singer of all apologies?

All Apologies/Artists

Why did Kurt Cobain write Heart-Shaped Box?

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s frontman and the song’s author, claimed that this song was inspired by a television report of children suffering from cancer. This is believed to have inspired the song’s title. Cobain and Love both shared a love and fascination of dolls. The “Heart-Shaped Box” could be a reference to a uterus.

Who is the old man in the Heart-Shaped Box video?

Burroughs was one of Cobain’s idols, and he hoped he could convince the writer to appear in the video for the song “Heart-Shaped Box” as an old man on a cross who is pecked by crows. In his journal, Cobain explained that birds are “reincarnated old men with turrets [sic] syndrome.”

What tuning is Heart-Shaped Box in?

You will need to tune your guitar to dropped “C#” tuning, which is basically a guitar tuned a half-step down that then has the 6th string lowered another full-step.

Who made the song Crazy For You?

Jon Lind
John Bettis
Crazy for You/Composers

Is Heart-Shaped Box A love song?

Some fans think the track is merely a love song. Anton Corbijn, the director of the “Heart-Shaped Box” video, didn’t have a definitive interpretation of the song. However, he did feel it reflected on some aspects of Cobain’s personal life, including, perhaps, his relationship with Courtney Love.

Who is the singer of Heart Shaped Box?

“Heart-Shaped Box” is a song by American rock band Nirvana, written by vocalist and guitarist Kurt Cobain.

When did Nirvana release the song Heart Shaped Box?

The song’s music video, directed by Anton Corbijn, garnered critical plaudits, and won two awards, including Best Alternative Video at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1994. Heart-Shaped Box was the last song Kurt Cobain performed live in public with Nirvana on March 1, 1994 in Munich, Germany.

What are the notes in Heart Shaped Box?

“Heart-Shaped Box” is composed in the key of G# minor, while Kurt Cobain’s vocal range spans one octave, from the low note of G# 4 to the high note of G# 5. The song has a basic sequence of G# 5–E 5–C# 5–G#–E 5–C# 7 in the verses and G# 5–E 5–C# 7 during the chorus as its chord progression.

When was MTV Unplugged in New York released?

The accompanying 14-track MTV Unplugged in New York album was released 25 years ago this November. It stands tall as among rock’s great live documents. Truly essential live albums capture a side of an artist that does not typically come through in their recorded work. Unplugged in New York achieves that and more.

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