Who are the actors in the movie Shagird?

Credited cast: Nana Patekar Sr. Inspector Hanumant Singh Mohit Ahlawat S.I. Mohit Kumar Rimi Sen Varsha Mathur (as Rimi) Anurag Kashyap Bunty Singh / Bunty Bhaiya

Who is Hanumant Singh in the movie Shagird?

Shagird is a fast- paced action-packed cop drama that unfolds in the capital city of Delhi amidst the power of paisa and politics. Delhi Police Crime Branch Officer Hanumant Singh (Nana Patekar) – a respected yet feared officer whose tactics and ethics are questionable, mentors Mohit (Mohit Ahlawat) a new junior officer in his team.

Is the movie Shagird based on a true story?

This film is inspired by Hollywood film Training Day starring Denzel Washington. Tigmanshu Dhulia had carved a niche for himself through his very first directorial venture – Haasil. And this underrated movie is another illustration of his abundant talent.

Who is the corrupt cop in Shagird movie?

Nana Patekar has outshined his co-actors in the author-backed role of the smart, yet corrupt cop who is very fond of old Hindi movie songs and whose knowledge about them is extra-ordinary (like the author of this review).


Who is Mohit Kumar in the movie Shagird?

In Delhi, Mohit Kumar is about to join Crime branch as a sub-inspector under Senior inspector Hanumant Singh. There he meets Singh’s team which is taking bribe from a builder and their commission from the land mafia lord who is threatening the builder’s life.

Which is better Nana Patekar or Ab Tak Chhappan?

Nana Patekar reprises his encounter specialist cop act, this time in darker shades for director Tigmanshu Dhulia and again carries the film on his veteran shoulders. It finally portrays Dhulia’s potential which was being promised to us for long and delivers a thrilling chor-police movie, though not as memorable as Ab Tak Chhappan perhaps.

Who is Rimi Sen in the movie Shagird?

The real drama starts with the kidnapping of some journalists consisting of Mohit’s sweetheart, Rimi Sen too. Some hardcore terrorists are released for getting the journalists free and alongwith them is released the ex-henchman of Zaakir Hussain, Anuraag Kashyap.

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