Where does the name Dame Chocolate come from?

The name Dame Chocolate is a bilingual pun. It means “give me chocolate” in Spanish. It also implies that Rosita fills the role of dame of chocolate, referring to the traditional English title of nobility. Génesis Rodríguez was made less attractive with a false nose and teeth to play the innocent Rosita.

When does the show Dame Chocolate come out?

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Dame Chocolate (International Title: Sweet Secret) is an American Spanish-language telenovela, which was produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo and aired from March 5 until October 5, 2007.

Who are the deaf people in Dame Chocolate?

Rosita heads to Florida to fulfill her grandfather’s last wish, bringing her deaf great-aunt Dulce ( Maria Antonieta de las Nieves ), her uncle, Diosdado ( Ricardo Chavez ), and the rest of her extended family with her. (Telemundo publicity referred to them as an “assortment” of “uncouth relatives.”)

Who is the bad guy in Dame Chocolate?

Meanwhile, Ángel Pérez ( Khotan ), a brutal, dangerous man from the past, threatens Rosita’s fresh start. Rosita finds romance, deception and betrayal as she searches for true happiness in a new world. She learns about the dangers of hatred, jealousy and vengeance. The heroine finds herself caught between two powerful forces: love and chocolate.

Who are the actors in Dame Chocolate on Telemundo?

When Telemundo announced Dame Chocolate in May 2006, the cast included Mauricio Ochmann as Bruce, Zharick Leon as Samantha and Erick Elías as Ángel. All three performers moved to other Telemundo serials. Ochmann left for Marina, Leon went to La Viuda de Blanco and Elias joined Zorro: La Espada y La Rosa.

Who are the main characters in Dame Chocolate?

The heroine finds herself caught between two powerful forces: love and chocolate. To continue the story, Bruce was going to marry Rosita, so of course his mother and Samantha tried to stop it by lying to Rosita and saying that Bruce was actually going to marry Samantha instead of Rosita.

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