What suit is Mark 43?

Armor Chronology: The Mark XLIII (Mark 43) is the forty-third Iron Man Armor created by Tony Stark and is the almost perfected version of the Mark XLII. The armor was created sometime before Age of Ultron, and has been used by Tony in various battles and missions.

Why is it Mark 85?

The suit’s Mark number is a reference of the first comic appearence of Iron Man Model IV Armor: Iron Man #85 (1976). The suit was designed by Ryan Meinerding, unlike most of the previous Iron Man suits which were designed by Phil Saunders and Josh Nizzi (Hulkbusters Mk. 1 and 2).

What Mark was Iron Man’s suit in Age of Ultron?

Mark 45
(Avengers: Age of Ultron) Tony to the Avengers as they battle Ultron and his sentries while they work to avert the upcoming disaster in Sokovia. Avengers! Time to work for a living. The Mark XLV (Mark 45) is the forty-fifth Iron Man Armor, as well as one of the many new built suits created by Tony Stark.

What happens to Iron Man’s armor in Mark 3?

“I can guess what happened next. Stark found an…example…of the alloy in his father’s archives and used it to strengthen his suit.” The Mark III Armor was Tony Stark ‘s third Iron Man suit and an upgrade from the Mark II, improving on its previous flaws.

What are the Armures in Iron Man 2?

– Mark III/Mark 3 : La principale armure portée par Tony Stark dans Iron Man. – Mark IV/Mark 4 : L’armure portée par Tony Stark au début d’Iron Man 2. – Mark V/Mark 5 : L’armure attaché-case portée par Tony Stark dans Iron Man 2.

What kind of armor is Tony Starks in Iron Man?

The Mark L Armor is Tony Stark ‘s fiftieth Iron Man suit. It was built after the Iron Man Armor: Mark XLVII, XLVIII and XLIX. It is used to battle Thanos along with his allies.

What was the name of the Iron Man armor?

The Mark XL ( Mark 40 ), also known as “Shotgun”, is a Hyper Velocity Traveling Suit and was one of several new Iron Man Armors created by Tony Stark as part of the Iron Legion. The armor was created sometime between the Battle of New York and the Mandarin’s Threats.

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