What is Zone C in Berlin?

Zone C includes the surrounding area (e.g. Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER, Potsdam, Oranienburg). The regular fare applies to adults and the concession fare is for children from 6 up to and including 14 years of age.

Is Brandenburg C zone?

Zone C covers Berlin’s nearby surrounding area (e.g. Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, Potsdam, Oranienburg).

How do you pay for the tram in Berlin?

Ticket machines at train stations and in new trams take coins and usually notes, but only German debit cards. Credit cards are not accepted, but the ticket offices located around the city and at the airports usually take credit cards.

Does Berlin ABC ticket work in Potsdam?

BERLIN ABC ticket is valid for all public transportation in Berlin and Potsdam: buses, trams, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, ferry, as well as regional (RB) and regional-express (RE) trains.

Are buses free in Berlin?

With the bookable BVG-Ticket you can use the Berlin public transport for free. The ticket allows you to use buses, trains and trams of the BVG with no extra cost. Since the ticket is valid in zones A, B and C, the transfer from and to the airport is included within the validity period.

Is it safe in Berlin at night?

Is Berlin safe at night? Yes, Berlin is pretty safe at night. You can add an extra level to your safety by sticking with big groups instead of heading out alone. Getting a taxi after dark is also a good idea to get around.

Which zone is Wannsee?

Berlin-Wannsee station

Station code 566
DS100 code BWS
Category 2
Fare zone : Berlin B/5656

Which zone is kopenick?

Berlin-Köpenick station is a station of the Berlin S-Bahn in the Berlin district of Treptow-Köpenick….Berlin-Köpenick station.

Fare zone VBB: Berlin B/5656
Website www.bahnhof.de
Opened 23 October 1842

Is public transport free in Berlin?

What happens if you don’t pay a train fine in Berlin?

Ignoring a BVG fine means trouble. The fine get more expensive, and you can even be imprisoned for not paying! Even if you didn’t give them your correct address, you will get in trouble.

What are the different fare zones in Berlin?

Fare zone Berlin a includes the city center of Berlin, including the S-Bahn-Ring. Fare zone Berlin b begins outside the S-Bahn ring and reaches to the city limits. Fare zone Berlin c includes both the outskirts of Berlin e. g. and the city of Potsdam.

Are there any discounts for Berlin Zone ABC?

Zone ABC additionally includes Berlin’s surrounding area and Potsdam Hauptbahnhof. Unlimited travel and savings of up to 50%! The Berlin WelcomeCard offers unlimited travel within the public transport network in Berlin or Berlin and Potsdam and allows discounts of up to 50% on more than 200 tourist attractions and cultural highlights. more

What’s the difference between Zone A and Zone C in Berlin?

• Berlin fare zones A, B and C for which you will need an appropriate travel ticket to use the transport service (bus & rail, tram). Zone A comprises the inner city of Berlin up to and including the S-Bahn Ring. Zone B is located outside the S-Bahn Ring up to the city limits. Zone C is the area around Berlin.

How much is a single day ticket for Berlin?

4 single journey tickets (zones AB): 9€. Group day ticket for 5 people: Zones AB: 19.90€, zones BC: 20.60€, zones ABC: 20.80€. Extension ticket: If you already have a ticket for zones AB or BC, and want to travel to zone A or C, you should buy an extension ticket.

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