What is Duval Street in Key West known for?

party epicenter of
World-famous Duval Street is known as the party epicenter of Key West and is the island’s “main drag.” Running north and south, the thoroughfare is lined with bars, pubs, outdoor cafes, shops, galleries, restaurants, and celebrated attractions. It is also where you’ll find our waterfront Key West hotel.

Is Duval Street in Key West family friendly?

During the day, family friendly. There is a artifact museum, aquarium, conch train to ride, snorkel trips, beaches, a pirate ship cruise. There are tons of the typical beach shops with cheap trinkets and tee shirts and a lot of great restaurants.

How long is Duval St in Key West?

1.249 mi
Duval Street/Length
Duval Street (/ˈduːvəl/) is a downtown commercial zoned street in Key West, Florida, running north and south from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean, just over 1.25 miles in length.

Can you walk everywhere in Key West?

One of the best things about Key West is you can walk just about everywhere. Once you are in Key West, you can walk to Mallory Square, Sunset Pier, and Duval Street. We walked from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean!

Is there a free shuttle in Key West?

The FREE Duval Loop is a bus route that runs from the Gulf to the Atlantic adjacent to Key West’s world-famous main street lined with shops, bars, restaurants, and all sorts of quirky stuff. Our favorite form of public transportation has 18 stops along the route from which you can launch your Key West adventure.

Where are the best drag shows in Key West?

Easily a household name in the Conch Republic, 801 Bourbon is where Sushi leads the girls in performances. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing hysterically.

Which is the Main Street in Key West?

Duval Street is the main bar hopping, shopping, restaurant going, people watching street in Old Key West. There are many other streets that are charming and have the shops, bars and restaurants, but Duval is the main drag so to speak. The bars tend to… More.

What makes Duval Street important in Key West?

Duval Street is the main attraction of Key West for most visitors; definitely not for the faint of heart, the overly sensitive, or Children! Leave the kids at home! What makes Key West attractive is… The streets on Dual were blocked off from cars and there is always awesome live music everywhere you go!

Where to go for nightlife in Key West?

If you’re in Key West Duval Street is the place to be a very great place for nightlife good drinks great people and also great music they can’t be a party in Key West without Duval Street.

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