Is Tmall available in English?

Retail giant Tmall Global launched its first English-language website to attract more merchants and businesses from around the world to join China’s largest cross-border online shopping platform.

How do you translate Tmall?

Go to 3. Type down to translate that site. Press enter to translate.

What is Taoboa?

Taobao (淘宝), which has a direct translation in Chinese meaning “seeking treasure”, is a Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce marketplace started in 2003 by the Alibaba Group which offers a platform for individuals and small business owners to sell their products online through their own …

Is tmall trustworthy?

For Chinese consumers, Tmall offers a reliable marketplace where shoppers can purchase authentic goods, which is essential in a market where shoppers can unwittingly buy fake eggs, milk and fish, said AKQA​ Managing Director of Greater China and Japan​ Sam Sterling.

Does Taobao has English version?

Taobao. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s the Chinese online shopping platform full of everything you could possibly need and more, and all at very decent prices. Our only gripe as English speakers is that the site doesn’t have an English version (at least not yet).

Does Tmall sell fake products?

As an upmarket badge within Taobao, Tmall assures Chinese consumers their products are authentic with insurance plans from Ant Financial and traditional insurance companies, and it sets a much higher bar for merchants, which has caused a marked drop in counterfeits.

Who owns Tmall China?

Alibaba Group
It is a platform for local Chinese and international businesses to sell brand-name goods to consumers in Greater China. It has over 500 million monthly active users, as of February 2018….Tmall.

Type of site E-Commerce retail
Available in Chinese
Owner Alibaba Group
Created by Jack Ma

Why is Tmall so popular?

They visit Tmall because they know it has a huge range of products due to the cluster effect bringing similar providers together, and can browse through their options with ease.

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