Is the Silver Line Free in Boston?

The Massport Shuttle is always free, and the Silver Line is free from Logan Airport. You’ll need to buy a ticket or pass to make a connection to the bus, train, or ferry. CharlieTickets are valid for travel on the subway and local bus routes.

Is the Silver Line in Boston a bus or subway?

The Silver Line is a system of bus routes in Boston and Chelsea, Massachusetts, operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). It is operated as part of the MBTA bus system, but branded as bus rapid transit (BRT) as part of the MBTA subway system.

Is the Silver Line 3 free?

Transfers to other subway lines are free. A single-ride fare on the SL3 is a standard subway fare: $2.40 with a CharlieCard.

How much is the T line in Boston?

How much does the subway cost? A one-way fare on the subway is $2.40 with a CharlieCard, CharlieTicket, or cash. Reduced fares are available for eligible riders. Passes for 1 day ($12.75), 7 days ($22.50), or the Monthly LinkPass ($90.00) are also available.

How do you pay for the Silver Line?

How do I pay my fare? Local Bus and Silver Line fares are paid at the onboard fare box at the front of the bus. At underground Silver Line stops, you pay at a fare gate to access the platform. Tap your card on the fare box target to pay your fare.

Do you have to pay for the Silver Line?

No fare is required to ride the Silver Line if you enter and exit within the No Fare Zone. If you begin your ride before entering the No Fare Zone and/or exit after leaving the zone, a valid fare is required.

How much is Silver Line bus?

Fares. The fare for both the Silver Line 910 and Silver Line Express 950X is $2.50. Transfers from either line are free for up to two hours when using a TAP card. When transferring from a local line to either line, there is a $0.75 upcharge.

How often does the Silver Line run in Boston?

The Silver Line SL1 runs from approximately 5:30AM to 12:30AM every day of the week.

Where does the Silver Line start in Boston?

Silver Line (MBTA) The first section has two routes from Dudley Square in Roxbury, mostly via Washington Street, to Boston ‘s Downtown Crossing (SL5) and South Station (SL4), using articulated buses operating in reserved lanes. The second section runs from South Station Under to Logan Airport in East Boston (SL1),…

How much is the fare on the Silver Line?

Passengers traveling on SL4 and SL5 pay the standard MBTA bus fare: $1.70 when using a CharlieCard, $2.00 when using a CharlieTicket or cash. At select stations, passengers can transfer from the Silver Line to the subway (Red, Green and Orange Lines) for an additional 50 cents when using a CharlieCard.

Is the Silver Line from Logan Airport free?

Silver Line is FREE from Logan Airport inbound to South Station (including a free transfer to the Red Line).

How many people ride the Silver Line a day?

It is operated as part of the MBTA Bus system, but branded as bus rapid transit (BRT) as part of the MBTA subway system. Six routes are operated as part of two disconnected corridors. As of 2019 , weekday ridership on the Silver Line was 39,000.

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