How many episodes does osomatsu-SAN have?

Mr. Osomatsu/Number of episodes

Does Jyushimatsu have a girlfriend?

She’s known by various nicknames, including but not limited to Homerun-chan, Homura-chan (a takeoff of “Homerun”), and Jyushimatsu’s Girlfriend (often shortened to カノ, kano, i.e. girlfriend, by Japanese fans), although technically he’d been rejected due to inexorable, personal circumstances.

How old are the sextuplets in osomatsu-SAN?

10 years old
In the Osomatsu-kun (Manga), 1966 TV series, 1988 series, and other related projects, they are usually set as 10 years old and are in the 5th grade.

How many seasons does osomatsu-SAN have?

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired
1 25 October 6, 2015
2 25 October 3, 2017
3 25 October 13, 2020

How old is Jyushimatsu?

Jyushimatsu, now 35, has been employed as a doctor and can be differentiated by his Chaplin-style mustache.

Why is it called Osomatsu-san?

He is the eldest of the sextuplets and acts as the leader. His name derives from the word お粗末 (osomatsu), meaning “poor”/”lousy”. An older version of the character also appears as the titular protagonist in the 2015-2018 spin-off titled Osomatsu-san.

Will there be a season 4 of osomatsu-SAN?

Taking all of this into account, we can expect ‘Osomatsu-san’ Season 4 to release in 2024.

When did the first episode of Mr Osomatsu come out?

Mr. Osomatsu, produced by Pierrot, aired between October 5, 2015 and March 28, 2016 and was simulcast by Crunchyroll, making it the first piece of Osomatsu-kun media to receive an official English release. The series’ first episode, which featured multiple parodies, was removed from streaming sites on November 12,…

Who are the main characters in Mr Osomatsu?

Mr. Osomatsu, known in Japan as Osomatsu-san, is a 2015 anime television series directed by Yoichi Fujita and produced by Pierrot, based on Fujio Akatsuka ‘s Osomatsu-kun manga series. Celebrating Akatsuka’s 80th birthday, the series follows the sextuplet Matsuno brothers as they now start living as adults. The…

Is there a third season of Osomatsu kun?

A third but unrelated spinoff/re-imagining began in 2015, titled Osomatsu-san (おそ松さん Osomatsu-san ), which was also created by Studio Pierrot and has run for two seasons. It also has a tie-in manga adaptation penned by the author Masako Shitara.

Who is the creator of Osomatsu-kun series?

About the franchise. Osomatsu-kun (おそ松くん Osomatsu-kun), also known by its later spinoff of Osomatsu-san or Mr. Osomatsu, is a comedy series created by Fujio Akatsuka and afterwards produced by such companies as Studio Zero and Studio Pierrot.

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