How do I contact eBay if my account is suspended?

If you think your account has been suspended by mistake, you don’t receive instructions on how to reinstate your account, or you’re not sure how to proceed, contact eBay directly for assistance. You can contact eBay by phone at 1-866-540-3229, or you can arrange to have eBay call you.

How long does an eBay account stay suspended?

eBay may implement account suspensions for seven, ten or 30 days – or even indefinitely! A full suspension is usually the outcome of a serious violation of eBay’s rules and policies. This can also happen if you consistently under-perform. Most often, eBay takes this step after issuing a few warnings.

Is eBay account suspension permanent?

This is the harshest form of account penalty. Account suspension means you can’t sell, bid, message bidders or leave feedback. However, if not removed, seller account suspension can be permanent. Suspended accounts cannot sell on eBay.

Why was my eBay account suspended permanently?

Usually, a suspension is due to a rule violation, failure to pay fees or one of seven reasons eBay outlines in their terms of services. If you have been suspended, call eBay directly at 1-866-540-3229 and ask about ways to resolve the outstanding issues on your account.

Why have I been suspended from eBay?

Why your account was suspended or restricted You have eBay selling costs to pay. You need to reimburse eBay for a refund or a claim paid to your buyer. You have violated one of our rules or policies. We couldn’t verify your account information.

Why has eBay suspended my account?

Can you open another eBay account after suspension?

eBay has this strict policy that will not allow you to create a new account once they permanently suspend you. Again, note the word permanently suspend you. So if you open a new eBay account with that address, your account will be suspended immediately after you list your first product.

How do you tell if your eBay account is suspended?

According to eBay, if your account is suspended, you’ll receive both an email message and an eBay message. Log into your eBay account and check your messages there: If the suspension is real, you’ll find a message about it waiting for you. Don’t click on a link in an email that is reportedly from eBay.

Can you delete a suspended eBay account?

If you have any active suspensions or restrictions on your account, or if your account doesn’t currently meet our minimum seller performance standards, you’ll need to contact us in order to close your account.

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