Can Ajanta and Ellora caves be covered in one day?

Re: Possible to do Ellora and Ajanta Caves in One Day? It is possible but I would not advise it, you would be well and truely “caved out” by the end, much better to take your time and enjoy. However if you are pressed for time, it is possible. Ajanta is approx 100km north of Aurangabad and Ellora approx 20km west.

Is Ajanta Caves worth visiting?

If the Ajanta Caves has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site and is often described as the finest surviving example of Indian Art – one visit will validate that ! So did the rock cut sculptures in some of the caves. More so when some of them date back even to the 2nd century BC.

How much time do you need at Ellora Caves?

One can spend around 4/5 hours to see all caves . On your return trip you can visit Dauladabad Fort which will take 2 hours to see. Both together can be a day tour( 8hrs).

Is Ajanta and Ellora same?

While Ajanta is mostly about beautiful paintings made on cave walls on the theme of Buddhism, Ellora is all about sculpture and architecture belonging to three different religions prevailing in the country during those times—Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. These caves are named after a nearby village called Ajanta.

Is Ajanta Caves open after lockdown?

With the improvement in the Covid-19 situation, world heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora caves along with three other historical monuments in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad district will reopen for tourists from Thursday after remaining shut for more than three months.

Is photography allowed in Ajanta caves?

Photography is allowed inside the Ajanta caves but without flash.

Who made Ajanta Caves?

20 caves were built during the Vakataka dynasty, during the reign of Harisena, and at the end of his reign, these caves were abandoned. Inside the caves, you can see paintings depicting the life of Gautam Buddha, and also stories from Jataka Tales.

What is difference between Ajanta and Ellora Caves?

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