Are there any festivals in Ohio in August?

For more than 29 years, the first weekend in August has been reserved for what is now the world’s second-largest Irish celebration. More than 100,000+ guests are expected this year. For a complete listing of entertainment, please visit the website above. Admission to the Lebanon Blues Festival in Lebanon, Ohio is free.

What are some historical events that happened in 2016?

Historical Events in 2016 1 Jan 1 Dubai skyscraper “The Address” burns as the New Year is rung in. Fire started on the 31st. 2 Jan 1 After floods along the Mississippi River kill 31, Exxon Mobil Corp decides to close a plant in flood threatened… More

Is the Mid Autumn Festival a public holiday in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong and Macau, the day after the Mid-Autumn Festival is a public holiday rather than the festival date itself (unless that date falls on a Sunday, then Monday is also a holiday), because many celebration events are held at night.

When is the Dublin Irish Festival in Ohio?

Admission to the Dublin Irish Festival in Dublin, Ohio is $10-15/person but discounts are available online (Free admission for children 12 and younger). When: August 2 – 4, 2019 – Friday from 4pm – Midnight; Saturday from 11am – Midnight; Sunday from 11am – 9pm

Are there any concerts going on in Ohio?

Whether you’re into the hottest pop or the most classic of rock, the latest hip hop or the funnest country, there’s plenty of Ohio concert events for you to get excited about in the coming months. And plenty of listings at every price point, too! And that’s not all.

What kind of music is playing in Ohio?

This schedule includes country, rock and pop artists playing at venues across the state. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don’t miss any of the shows happening in Ohio!

Where can I Buy concert tickets for Dayton OH?

Find thousands of concerts for all your favorite bands worldwide, buy concert tickets, and track your upcoming shows. Dustin Smith and The DaydreamersGlostik WillyMcStarkatzMore…

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