Where was Ken Stott born?

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Ken Stott/Place of birth

What nationality is Ken Stott?

Ken Stott/Nationality

Was Ken Stott in Lord of the Rings?

Kenneth Campbell “Ken” Stott (born 19 October 1954) is a Scottish actor, particularly known in the United Kingdom for his many roles in television. He portrays the dwarf Balin in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy.

Who was Stott’s first wife?

Nina Gehl

Ken Stott
Known for Rebus (2000–2007) Takin’ Over the Asylum (1994) The Missing (2014) The Hobbit film trilogy (2012–2014)
Spouse(s) Nina Gehl ​ ( m. 2016)​
Children 1
Awards BAFTA Scotland (twice) Laurence Olivier (once)

What does Ken Stott do now?

Rebus actor Ken Stott lives out archaeological ambitions on Netflix hit The Dig. REBUS actor Ken Stott enjoyed digging into his latest role as an archaeologist – as it would be his dream job if he wasn’t on screen. “I had parents who were very knowledgeable on the subject of archaeology and the classics.

Is Grant Stott related to Ken Stott?

@crazya_1 Sadly not related to the great man! Met him once at an Edinburgh derby. We may share the same surname but not the same team!

What height is Ken Stott?

5′ 7″
Ken Stott/Height

What programs has Ken Stott in?

What programmes has Ken Stott been in?

  • 100 Streets[Film, 2016, ]… Terence.
  • An Inspector Calls[Drama]… Actor.
  • Café Society[Film, 2016, ]… Marty.
  • Casanova[Film, 2005, ]… Dalfonso.
  • Fever Pitch[Film, 1996, ]…
  • I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead[Film, 2004, ]…
  • King Arthur[Film, 2004, ]…
  • Man Up[Film, 2015, ]…

What was Ken Scott in?

Ken Scott (born 20 April 1947) is a British record producer and engineer known for being one of the five main engineers for the Beatles, as well as engineering Elton John, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Duran Duran, the Jeff Beck Group and many more.

Is Ken Scott alive?

Deceased (1919–1991)
Ken Scott/Living or Deceased

Why did they change Ken Scott?

Ahead of After We Collided, Peter Gallagher and Jennifer Beals, who played Ken Scott and Karen Scott, were replaced by Rob Estes and Karimah Westbrook following scheduling conflicts.

Is Ken Scott married?

In 2016, Scott and his wife, Cheryl, moved to Hampsthwaite near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, in the UK.

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