Where is Green Magic homes located?

Green Magic Homes is in Panama. ⚡️ Since our system is modular, our homes and communities are much faster to build. Our technology allows you to build a home in as little as 60 days – more than twice as fast as the industry average.

What is the cost of green magic homes?

The bigger homes cost $34.74 per square foot; the smaller ones are a bit more expensive. The Waikiki will set you back around $14,998. The Waikiki will set you back around $14,998.

How long do green magic homes last?

Manufactured with high-strength FRP. Ample spaces with 11 ft / 3.36M ceilings. High durability (50+ years).

What are green magic homes made of?

The Green Magic Homes are composed of prefabricated vaulted panels manufactured with composite laminate materials, confined laterally by walls in reinforced soil, with a high index of stabilization and protection from climate meteorological harmful effects change and UV radiation.

How much does a hobbit home cost?

To get your own Hobbit house, it costs $41 per square foot. So for 1,000 square feet, it’ll cost you $41,000. You’ll be living like a Baggins in no time.

Are hobbit houses safe?

Anyone who has seen The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit movies knows what a hobbit house essentially looks like. I have researched Hobbit Homes quite a bit and I found that, not only are they the perfect house for any Lord of the Ring’s lover, but they also are extremely safe and will last a very long time.

Do Green Magic homes come with appliances?

What is not included with the Green Magic Homes package? The system does not include interior floors, walls, cabinets, fixtures or appliances, which the buyer or the certified builder can add based on the design requirements.

How much does a hobbit house cost?

Can I build my own Hobbit house?

You can have your own home worthy of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit if you have some extra time on your hands. Green Magic Homes created 400-square foot, energy efficient, and eco-friendly hobbit homes. These homes are apparently so easy to construct, virtually anyone can build one in just about three days.

Can I build my own hobbit house?

What is a green magic home?

Green Magic Homes are covered by soil and rich greenery, making them energy efficient and energy saving while keeping a balanced temperature interior that fosters restful sleep and rejuvenation.

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