Where does take my Hand Precious Lord come from?

[Verse] G G7 When the darkness appears C And the night draws near, G D7 And the day is past and gone, G G7 At the river I stand, C Guide my feet, hold my hand: [Refrain] G D7 Take my hand, precious Lord, G ( C G opt) Lead me home. “ Take My Hand Precious Lor… ”

Who is the composer of take my Hand Precious Lord?

Take My Hand, Precious Lord. ” Take My Hand, Precious Lord ” (a.k.a. ” Precious Lord, Take My Hand “) is a gospel song. The lyrics were written by the Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey, who also adapted the melody.

When did Mahalia Jackson record take my Hand Precious Lord?

Many notable musicians have recorded “Take My Hand, Precious Lord”. It was recorded by Mahalia Jackson on Tuesday March 27, 1956, on the album Bless This House (Columbia Records CL 899) with The Fall-Jones Ensemble: Mildred Falls (piano), Ralph Jones (organ).

When did Nina Simone sing take my Hand Precious Lord?

Franklin also recorded a live version of the song for her album Amazing Grace (1972) as a medley with ” You’ve Got a Friend “. It was sung by Nina Simone at the Westbury Music Fair on April 7, 1968, three days after King’s assassination. That evening was dedicated to him and recorded on the album ‘Nuff Said!.

Who was the first African American to sing Precious Lord?

President Lyndon B. Johnson requested that “Precious Lord” be sung at his funeral. Dorsey was the first African American elected to the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Gospel Music Association’s Living Hall of Fame. Fisk University houses his archives as well as those of noted musicians W.C. Handy and George Gershwin.

Who was the original singer of Precious Lord?

“Precious Lord” has been recorded by many famous singers including Elvis Presley, Mahalia Jackson, Roy Rogers, and Tennessee Ernie Ford. Martin Luther King Jr. drew inspiration from this, his favorite song. It was sung at the rally in Memphis the night before the civil-rights leader’s assassination.


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