When did elder McConkie become a member of the church?

There, he lived and taught the motto “Seek the Spirit”—a motto that spanned not only his missionary service but much of his life. In 1972 Elder McConkie was called to be a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles by Church President Harold B. Lee.

When did Bruce McConkie go on a mission?

A studious and intelligent young man, Bruce R. McConkie graduated high school at age 15 and studied for three years at the University of Utah before leaving in 1934 to serve a mission in the Eastern States. His mission fostered his love of studying and teaching the doctrines of the gospel.

When was Bruce McConkie’s Book of Mormon published?

The book was first published in 1958 and created some stir due to its strong tone and some controversial points, which were based on Elder McConkie’s personal interpretations of scripture. A second, revised edition was published several years later and remained in print until 2010.

Who are the leaders of the LDS Church?

President Hinckley, President Packer, Elder Nelson, and Elder Ballard look like the clear leaders in referring to the Proclamation.

How many times did Bruce McConkie speak at BYU?

Elder Bruce R. McConkie spoke nearly thirty times at Brigham Young University, addressing such topics as celestial marriage, personal revelation, and the nature of Jesus Christ. His intriguing style and potent testimony have left their mark indelibly on the membership of the Church and of the BYU community. What Think Ye of Salvation by Grace?

What did Bruce your McConkie say about Mormons?

Bruce R said someone was playing the organ inside the chapel. He checked and it was a Mormon missionary. Bruce R told us he ordered the missionary to play LDS church hymns. Now we all laughed like naughty boys and girls! In my mission, we called all Catholic and Protestant church buildings “greuels”. This means “abominations”.

How old was Bruce McConkie when he died?

Elder McConkie battled with cancer for several years. In his final General Conference address in April of 1985, he declared emotionally and powerfully his testimony of the reality and divinity of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Two weeks later, at age 69, he passed away in his home in Salt Lake City.

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