What size is slate batten?

Concrete slates require 38x25mm batten for 450mm joist spans and 50x25mm batten for 600mm joist spans. Timber shingles and shakes will need a timber batten size of 38x25mm for spans up to 450mm, and 50x25mm for 600mm spans.

What sizes do roof slates come in?

Slate roof tiles can range in size from 12” (length) x 6” (wide) up to 24” (length) x 12” (wide). Special sizes such as slate-and-a-half can be ordered to reach into valleys, gable ends, hips and dormers.

How much batten do you need for a slate roof?

In most cases, irrespective of rafter spacings, 50 x 25mm battens should be used for our standard preholed fibre cement slates. Where BS 5534 suggests 38 x 25mm battens are acceptable, the slates should only be laid with 100 or 110mm lap.

How do you size slates?

As a guide, a slate of 500 x 250 sizes uses a slate and half of 500 x 375. You would need 2.5 of these slate per linear metre. Therefore, if your rafter length was 4 linear meters, your calculation would be 4 x 2.5 = 10 Quantity slate & Half’s.

Why are roofing battens red?

JB Red is the branding given to our BS 5534 graded roofing battens, which are coloured red to help identify the batten as graded on site. This gives a straight distortion free batten that is light to handle and meets the required moisture content in BS 5534.

What size is batten?

50mm X 25mm
HSG33 makes clear that the batten should be a minimum size of 50mm X 25mm and meet the grading requirements specified in BS 5534 and NFRC Technical Bulletin 33 Graded battens for slating and tiling. Roofing contractors are expected to follow the safe system of work outlined in the guidance.

Which roof slate is best?

Welsh slate is considered by many as the best natural slate in the world. Welsh slate is available in either heather (purple) or blue-grey. Penrhyn slate has a beautiful soft blue/purple appearance and can be expected to last more than 100 years.

How much does a piece of slate cost?

Cost of Slate Countertops

Slate Countertops Costs Zip Code Sq. ft.
Basic Better
Slate Countertops – Material Prices $489.00 – $554.00 $556.50 – $589.00
Slate Countertops – Installation Cost $62.50 – $63.50 $65.00 – $76.50
Slate Countertops – Total $551.50 – $617.50 $621.50 – $665.50

What is the minimum pitch of a slate roof?

Natural Slate: The general recommendation for the minimum pitch for natural slate is 25°. There are some manufacturers that can go slightly lower, such as the SIGA 56M Natural slate, which can go down to 20° in some instances if used with slate hook systems.

What pitch can slate go down to?

Because of this, the general recommendation for slate is a 20° pitch angle. There are some circumstances in which slate roofs can have a minimum pitch as low as 17.5°, but this depends on the type of slate being used, the size of the lap, and some other factors.

Which British Standard do our JB red roofing battens comply to?

BS 5534-
Batten colour – The issue of what roofing batten colours mean has caused some confusion. While the distinctive red colour of our JB Red Battens does give peace of mind that you are using a BS 5534-compliant batten, this is not necessarily the case for all coloured battens on the market.

Do roof battens rot?

Battens in the main body of the roof do not rot, unless there are some major long-term defects, or the tiles have become porous.

When to use graded batten on a slate roof?

Regardless of the application, BS 5534 graded battens should be used on all roofing applications. It is mandatory on all NHBC sites, if you are part of the competent roofer scheme, and when batten is being used as a secure foothold. Slate and tile roofs require different size battens.

How big of a batten do I need for a single lap tile roof?

For double-lap clay and concrete tiles, the correct timber batten size is 38x25mm. Single lap installations should use 38x25mm batten for 450mm joist spans and 50x25mm batten for 600mm joist spans. Slates should always be installed double lap.

How to choose the right roofing Batten for your roof?

The right size roofing batten will depend on a number of factors, including the type of roofing material, and the span of the roofing supports. To find out more, read our guide to selecting timber batten sizes. If you’d like to learn more about the requirements of BS 5534 and how to specify the best graded battens for your needs, please contact us.

How big of a timber batten do you need for shingles?

Timber shingles and shakes will need a timber batten size of 38x25mm for spans up to 450mm, and 50x25mm for 600mm spans. For spans greater than 600mm, or other loading conditions, BS 5534 Annex F recommends designs include structural calculations for strength and stiffness. What timber batten sizes are typically supplied?

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